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This Energetic Shelter Dog Was Returned For The Saddest Reason, But The Pup Defied All Odds

For many disobedient dogs who end up in shelters, their chances of adoption are slim to none. However, when one kind-hearted woman took on the responsibility of training a rambunctious, impulsive pup, she completely transformed his life. While he slipped up often along the way, he’s gone on to prove everyone who doubted and abandoned him wrong!

Rescuing A Dejected Pup

From the moment that Roberta Sa Griner was introduced Duke the bulldog mix at her local shelter, she knew the pup would be difficult to find a home for. He was a stray who had been found wandering along a highway, and he was an untrained ball of hype. She agreed to foster the wild canine, until three months later, when his old family stepped forward to reclaim him. However, something wasn’t right with his former owners.

Uncovering A Neglectful Family

After doing some digging, Griner found out that Duke’s former family neglected the poor pup, leaving him outside and abusing him for their amusement. Griner realized that this likely contributed to Duke’s headstrong and impulsive behaviors, including his inability to walk on a leash. She decided to continue to foster Duke and eventually trained him well enough to be considered for adoption. Soon, she found a family who was taken with the hyper dog!

A Ruff Adoption Trial-Run

Griner realized that Duke still had a long way to go in terms of behavior, and she advised the family to keep up with his training. Though the new family seemed to be doing well with Duke for nearly 18 months, they eventually returned the canine to the shelter for the saddest reason: he had snapped at one of their kids. However, Griner wasn’t ready to give up on him yet.

Restoring Duke’s Good-Boy Behavior

It was clear that Duke’s adoptive family hadn’t kept up with his care, and Griner knew he needed intensive training to make progress again. She raised money to send him to a boarding facility where he would receive strict behavioral training. After three months, Duke came home an entirely different dog! Griner ultimately decided to accept him into her family, and though she took the transition slow and steady, Duke proved his new skills to her quickly.

Duke Defying The Odds

After spending time with Griner’s family and her other canines, Duke has transformed into the social, loving family dog Griner knew he could become. He loves to spend time with Griner’s three daughters, especially her youngest, and is constantly searching for love (and food) from them! Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

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