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5 Epic Partner Fails That Are So Wholesome Who Could Be Mad?

Relationships can be a lot of fun, especially when a significant other inevitably does something that makes you cringe, laugh, or scratch your head in utter confusion. Sometimes there are epic fails so viral-worthy, one can’t help but share rare off-moments.  Even with a better half around, sometimes life and love can get the best of us, no matter how much we try to be perfect.

Depends On Aunt Flo

Maybe everyone doesn’t pay close attention in sex ed classes. Maybe some guys think all pads are created equal. This poor lady was in for quite the shock and disappointment after she asked her guy to pick up some pads for her time of the month. Even if she says she feels like she’s wearing a diaper, incontinence and menopause are lightyears away.

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Football Fan At The OB-GYN

Even if a guy is into a lady, it seems that the fine points of the female anatomy manage to get passed over. Maybe this husband was trying to find common ground with the doctor while attending his wife’s appointment. Doctor visits can be a bit uncomfortable, but sports will always come to the rescue. Thank goodness the doctor was a proud Texas Longhorn fan, as evidenced by this display.

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Microwave Versus Man

Ever since the invention of the microwave, there are few things beyond Peeps and Twinkies that can’t survive a nuke session of 60 seconds, right? When it comes to getting laundry done faster, that is when the microwave has met its match. Sadly, this guy had to push the envelope of modern technology and has the scorch marks to prove the microwave victorious.

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More Wood For The Fire

Forget grabbing some charcoal briquettes to give food that signature grilled flavor. This rugged man decided to go all-in for hardwood tinder, for that perfect smokey wood taste. Although America is the home of doing things big or going home, throwing in a giant log went a bit overkill. Can you taste the redwood forest in that burger?

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I’ll Fly To You

Sometimes, you have to let that special someone know they are indeed the perfect catch. This lady decided to take things a bit literally when her guy decided to take a romantic trip fly fishing. Luckily, he’s a keeper and has a good sense of humor. There’s no bait and switch with this girl; she’s keeping it reel.

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