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Epic Pranks That Are So Brilliant We Can’t Believe We Didn’t Think Of Them Ourselves

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oreo toothpaste pranks

Whether you’re taking revenge on somebody, indulging in April Fool’s Day festivities, or just annoying someone near and dear to you, pranks are the perfect way to let your friends (or enemies) know how much you love them and simultaneously wish to cause them great inconvenience. Dive into this list of epic pranks that’ll make you wish you’d thought of them first.

1. Some pranks achieve their goal quite simply, while others require a pretty incredible amount of dedication. Just imagine how hard it was to design this masterful car seat replica — and all the poor drive-thru window workers that it managed to terrify.

epic prank car seat


2. Regardless of whether or not you’ve seen the Alien movie franchise and know that this is a much-dreaded facehugger, opening the door to your fridge half-asleep for a midnight snack and finding this sight greeting you is one giant NOPE.

alien prank pranks fridge refrigerator


3. Excruciatingly irritating vehicle pranks deserve to be in a class of their own. This one is so simple yet so effective, it’s practically genius: with the mere use of cotton balls dipped in water on a freezing cold night, you’ve given your friend (or enemy?) hours of annoyance.

truck cotton balls prank


4. Surprise! Just when you thought that public spaces such as your friendly local grocery store were safe from pranks, you encounter this vile trick snake patiently awaiting your shrieks in the produce section. Wonder if they’ll ever ‘lettuce’ back in again?

epic prank - snake at supermarket


5. Few acts of injustice in the world are deserving of a life-term prison sentence. Yet this is an act so heinous, so egregious, so sickeningly twisted, that we’re bummed we didn’t come up with it on our own first.

mayonnaise mayo donuts mean pranks


6. C’mon, first world! There are hungry people out there! Must you waste your cereal in the name of this faceplant-worthy little prank? The only thing worse than the waste of food here would be if some eco-conscious samaritan cleaned up the scene as any ravenous breakfast-easter would. Ewbnb!

cereal sinks bathroom pranks


7. Looks like after years of getting harassed and barked at by the family dog, the mailman got just plain fed up and decided to deliver a little something besides mail. Signed, sealed, delivered!

mailbox scare lizard reptile pranks scary


8. There are several things that are safe to assume here. Firstly, that this bird foot is (hopefully) not real, and secondly, whoever accidentally ends up finding it is highly likely to jump out of their skins.

bird foot pranks


9. Come on, dude, it’s time to rally. Doesn’t it just drive you crazy when that one friend can’t keep up with the beer pong and passes out in the middle of a game? Punishment pranks are fun alright, but this balancing act is sheer art.

stacking cups pranks


10. It’s the small things in life that can often be irritating beyond description. For this most sinister of epic pranks, paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish. Then watch as the victim struggles wondering how the should-be-suds could end up being defective.

paint soap nail polish pranks


11. You’ve heard of air horns before, sure, but what about chairhorns? Neither has your unfortunate unsuspecting office mate probably, but chances are, it’s an experience they’ll never forget, and nor will all those poor souls in the vicinity who will lose temporary use of their eardrums.

chair airhorn pranks


12. Whoever thinks up elaborate and time-consumingly epic pranks like this deserves a word of praise. It’s a mischievous trick that’s both incredibly detailed and color-coordinated. It may take a long and frustrating amount of time to undo, but, frankly, looks so darn pretty!

car post-it notes pranks


13. What makes spiders so appealing as the key ingredient in so many pranks? Perhaps it’s because they’re so small yet so many humans share a deep-seated fear of them. Whatever’s the case, there’s bound to be someone out there who would take this warning seriously.

spider pranks


14. Who could be so diabolical as to desecrate the most holy act of enjoying an Oreo cookie? This epic prank takes no prisoners. How weird would it be if the person eating it thought it was simply a tasty, mint-flavored version of everyone’s favorite cookie sandwich?

oreo toothpaste pranks


15. Hot diggity dog! Just looking at this bizarre set-up is like one of those moments in The Matrix where all time and space freezes — except with frankfurters. Let’s just hope whoever lives in this room isn’t vegan.

hot dog sausage - epic pranks


16. Fancy a swing, anyone? This time-encompassing prank required some careful preparation, but the final product is absolutely flawless. What’s more, making this bedroom into an impromptu croquet field made barely any mess at all. That grass is perfectly trimmed.

croquet pranks bedroom


17. Is your coworker going on a long vacation, leaving their desk woefully unattended? Then here’s the chance for an epic prank that’s not only brilliant, but eco-friendly! By sewing seeds between their keyboard keys, you’ve created a problem that they’ll feel bad about having to destroy.

keyboard plants - epic pranks


18. They found love in a hungry place. Sure, food can be our friend when we’re in need of a bit of self-pampering. But opening the fridge to discover a whole new posse of seemingly sentient beings is equal parts adorable and terrifying.

fridge eyes pranks


19. Having trouble getting your kids to eat their veggies, while simultaneously seeking to give them a lifetime of trust issues? Then this epic prank is absolutely perfect for you! Mmm, Brussels pops… yum?

brussels sprouts pranks


20. For this high school’s senior class prank, they managed to pull off one of those pranks that’s so simple to achieve and so precise that it looks like a work of art. Just observe this obstacle course of styrofoam water cups, and bask in its glory.

senior prank hallway pranks


21. We all know the existential battle of mankind vs. cling wrap, and how difficult it can be just to get a single piece to cover that half-eaten vegetable in the fridge. So imagine the sheer anguish at discovering your ride had fallen prey to this most ugh-worthy of pranks.

wrap car - epic pranks


22. This is the Jackson Pollock of bedroom pranks. It’s raw, it’s unhinged, it’s random, and it’s ferocious, lacking any rhyme or reason. With just a few strips of strong tape, you can properly and thoroughly ruin your roommate’s day. Game on!

bedroom pranks


23. Who knew painting tiles was so easy? These coworkers really thought outside of the box, or rather, cubicle. Even after going through all the trouble to redesign this work space as a bathroom, they get extra points for that curtain: it’s all about the reveal!

bathroom bedroom - epic pranks


24. Ah, the old rubber band around the phone prank. So cost-effective, so primitive, and yet so aggravating. Let’s just hope whoever’s office phone this is doesn’t have any important conference calls to make that day — or a sharp pair of scissors on hand.

rubber band phone telephone pranks


25. This epic prank is so clever because of its absolute absurdity. Just imagine being the victim of this practical joke and having your voicemail inundated with a bunch of random people leaving you a message yelling “NGRARRRRWWRRRRR” and then hanging up.

chewbacca roar contest pranks


26. As far as epically gross pranks go, this one is downright foul. Who even knew there was such a thing as shrimp-scented spray in the first place? Regardless, this is one of the nastiest games of dress-up we’ve ever witnessed.

gross epic pranks


27. The use of Jigsaw from the gruesome Saw horror film series here was very calculated and precise, because whoever gets stranded without any toilet paper and is forced to use this duct tape could find themselves in a world of horror.

toilet paper pranks


28. When the owner of this bedroom asked his friends for some help redesigning the place, it’s safe to say this probably wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. At bare minimum, if there’s ever a power outage, he’ll have plenty of reading material.

room pranks


29. Hell hath no fury like an aggressive shopper. Thankfully, whoever was the victim of this shopping cart trap, could easily extricate themselves — albeit risking the potential to ruin their pain job. Otherwise, it’s time to call in a forklift.

car shopping cart -epic pranks


30. As the story behind this unusual prank goes, this makeshift shrine was set up by the recipient’s roommate, after hearing his friend would be bringing his date home that night. Needless to say, whoever the lucky gal was, upon seeing this, would likely run for the hills.

princess diana shrine roommate pranks prank


31. Think you know office pranks? You know nothing. With a bit of imagination, a pile of spare keyboards can be used to properly replicate the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones. The prankster even added that delicate final touch of suspended dragons flying above the coveted chair.

iron throne game of thrones keyboard pranks office


32. Remember all those excellent cutting and gluing skills you learned in elementary school? It was all to prepare you for this moment. When your prank target turns on the lampshade, there’s a fair chance the results will be heard in the next county over.

cockroach lamp pranks


33. Whoever ensnared this office desk in spiderwebs obviously decided their Halloween ought to be filled with far more trick than treat. At least those are fake cobwebs, otherwise we’d have some serious concerns to be brought to HR’s attention.

spiderwebs office desk - epic pranks

Flickr/Joe Goldberg

34. Question: how do you show your office companion just how much you care about them on the anniversary of their arrival in the world? Answer: by coating everything, literally everything they own in their work space, in aluminum foil — and no, those aren’t presents.

pranks office chair wrapped


35. When you want to fool your friends into thinking you’re generous when in reality it’s just a convenient cover-up for your cruel, cruel heart, few pranks could be quite so satisfying as making caramel onions — and even mixing them with apples to make a game of Russian roulette.

caramel onions apples gross dessert vegetables food pranks


36. Okay, so to properly execute this most random of pranks will require some bonus materials that you may not necessarily have just lying around the house. This is probably not what one would think when they hear “there’s a chick in the bathroom.”

chicken pranks bathroom prank


37. So you and your roommates had a house party, complete with the prerequisite sketchy red plastic cups, but you overshot the amount of guests and are left with all these spare ones. What to do, what to do…

epic pranks bedroom bed cups room


38. It’s probably safe to say you weren’t expecting your trip to the lavatory to be quite this festive. But then again, the finest of pranks strike when you least expect them. Let’s hope this person didn’t get winded: that’s a lot of balloons to blow up!

balloons pranks


39. This prank is the ultimate rebellion against fast food. Finding vegetables when you were expecting those crispy hot little McNuggets would be enough of a bummer, but just be glad whoever tricked you didn’t think of putting something else in there…like, for example, a spider…

vegetables mcdonalds food pranks


40. Having dreams of shadowy figures is a primal fear for many people. So naturally, rounding the corner when you’ve just woken up from a deep sleep and need a glass of water, this is the last thing you’d want to see.

shadow man scary pranks


41. This flag cake prank works for an epic trolling of international proportions. Whether it’s a Canadian friend dishing it out to Americans on the Fourth of July, or an American friend giving a subtle dig on Canada Day, it’s bound to get some well-deserved groans.

canadian canada usa america american cake pranks food


42. Look closely and you’ll realize why this is subtly one of the most mischievous pranks out there. Hidden inside those ice cubes are Mentos. And if you have had any Internet access for the past decade, you very well know what happens when these minty candies make contact with soda.

mentos ice explosion - epic pranks


43. This one is sure to leave the subject of this crusty prank scratching their head wondering what the prankster’s thought process was. It’s as though they had limited resources, but were determined to pull a joke on their friend.

toast bread pranks


44. Can’t you taste the disappointment? It’s bad enough discovering someone’s eaten your ice cream but left the carton in the freezer. But cleaning the empty container out, filling it with water, and letting that water freeze to give the illusion of weight is just so mean.

ice cream pranks


45. Old vegetables starting to go bad? No problem, there’s a pop-culture specific prank just waiting to be pulled off. Of course, this friendly little surprise requires the subject to have at least a passing knowledge of Rick and Morty, but hey! It’s funny no matter what.

pickle rick pranks


46. Office supplies wars can get absolutely brutal. This perpetrator was apparently not planning on backing down any time soon, and found a simple and perfectly effective way to get his or her point across. Forensics experts may soon be needed at the scene.

purple marker office pranks


47. This prank could go several different ways. For the desk owner, more likely than not, they realize they’d been pranked. But for another office worker, especially one who hadn’t yet had their morning coffee, seeing this scene might just send them into a tizzy.

crime scene pranks


48. We all know someone like this: those excruciatingly annoying practical jokesters who just have to take our word literally. Yes, just as you can imagine, the hapless victim of this hilarious prank was told there was a ‘leak’ in the bathroom. Aren’t homonyms the best?

leek bathroom shower - epic pranks


49. It’s always nice to have a joyful celebration await you when you walk into a room. That being said, being greeted by the bang of these poppers could well be enough to make you paranoid about opening doors for a long time.

poppers pranks


50. Sure, we all have that one grandparent who reminds us what it was like growing up during the Great Depression. But something tells us that this delightful recipe was not included in their diet.

cardboard omelet omelette pranks


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