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Space Burger: The Epic Tale Of A YouTuber, A Soccer Team, And A Big Mac

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YouTubers do some pretty strange stuff. When Tom “Killem” Stanniland tied a Big Mac to a weather balloon, (Yes! You read that right.) he expected to make an interesting video. Killem could never have imagined the epic adventure that Big Mac would take. It traveled into space and landed almost four hours away from the spot it was launched.

Sending A Big Mac Into Space

Killem has earned more than two million subscribers on YouTube. He makes videos that viewers just can’t seem to look away from. He’s done things as normal as metal detecting on a beach and things as wild as playing Wii for 100 hours straight.

Tom’s latest video may be the most viral one yet. He bought a Big Mac and attached a weather balloon, a parachute, and a GoPro camera to it. The burger zoomed so high into the stratosphere that it was flash frozen by the frigid temperatures.

Falling Down To Earth

Killem captured amazing footage of space, but thing changed abruptly when the weather balloon that was holding the entire contraption up popped. The GoPro survived the burger falling down to earth.

As fate would have it, the burger landed smack dab in the middle of the soccer field that belongs to Colchester United FC. As if the situation wasn’t already entertaining enough, the team used hilarious memes and gifs to report the situation on Twitter. The team used the Side Eye Chloe meme to describe the social media team’s reaction to hearing about the strange burger on the field. 

Space Burger Meets Its End

There was speculation about where the burger had come from. During all of the confusion, Killem was still able to see all the action because the resilient GoPro was still rolling. He lives in Sheffield, and Colchester is almost four hours away from his home.

Tom drove all the way to Colchester to retrieve his burger. The team posted a video of him on Twitter, and, of course, Killem made a YouTube video about the unbelievable event.

As you can see the burger met its untimely demise when Killem ate it!

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