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‘Espresso’ Hair Is The Hottest New Trend That’ll Have You Running To The Salon

We all love our coffee. Some of us need it before we can do anything else: face the day, check emails, encounter humans. Recently, our collective passion for coffee has infiltrated (not filtered) into fashion, specifically hair. The latest trend in hair salons is a look inspired by the rich brown shades encountered in swirls of espresso. It began in celebrity circles, built steam on social media, and now women are asking for espresso in mainstream salons.

Hold The Dip Dye

Balayage, or painting color on your hair for a natural look, is a popular technique that stylists have been perfecting for the last few years. The espresso trend builds on balayage—it’s the autumn interpretation. It’s the same idea, just incorporating cool shades of brown over a darker base. The result is a brunette shade with depth.

It Began With Bella

Bella Hadid first rocked the espresso look during a trip to Korea in October of 2017. Since then, several celebrities have also opted for the coffee color.

At the Hotel Transylvania 3 premiere, Selena Gomez debuted her espresso look. Other celebrities who emerged from the salon with these trendy locks include Chrissy Teigen and Dakota Johnson. Lucy Hale, from Pretty Little Liars, and actress Ruby Rose have also experimented with shades of espresso.

A Cautionary Note To Color Enthusiasts

Chris Williams, international color director of Rush Hair, cautions that the deep brunette tones might not work for everybody. Natural blonds or women with fairer complexions might want to reconsider. If you don’t have olive-toned or darker skin, the espresso shade could wash you out.

But if you have a brunette base, why not go for it? You can join the thousands of fans on Instagram flaunting their espresso waves.

Now if only we could get caffeine through hair color…

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