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Actress Eva Amurri In Shock Following Son’s Terrifying Accident

Eva Amurri’s fans all over the world can finally give a sigh of relief after she confirmed through her website’s blog that her son, Major, is out of danger after a fatal accidental drop by a nurse who was on night duty. The boy who is just ten weeks old suffered a life-threatening cracked skull due to the fall, and the only thing that saved his life was the quick medical attention he was given after being swiftly rushed to the hospital shortly after the incident. Apparently, the nurse dropped the baby on the hardwood floor after dosing off while holding it in her arms.

eva amurri

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Given the traumatic start to her year, the actress, and avid lifestyle blogger has confirmed she has been under severe depression after the incident. Understandably, from the amount of danger Major was exposed to by the cracked skull, this could pass off as every parent’s worse nightmare.

Although at the moment she is coping well with the situation, she is grateful to her fans who have, over the last few hours, stepped in to offer her some support, encouragement and wished her son a quick recovery. As expected, a lot of criticism as been level at her in equal measure questioning her parenting skills but with the overwhelming support from her fans, she remains strong in the middle of it all.

eva amurri

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After the incident, she has admitted to being scared of having someone else take care of her children and consequently has confessed to experiencing some terrible flashbacks every time she hears Major crying.

The ‘Middle of Nowhere’ actress seems to have an unlucky streak with the people she hires to help in taking care of her children. Before this recent incident, her husband was forced to fire her one-year-old daughter’s nanny after claims that she made repeated sexual advances towards him while Eva was away on a business trip.

eva amurri

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Eva Amurri is a well-renowned actress and the daughter of Susan Sarandon whom she has featured together with in several films and movies with the most notable of all being their roles as mother and daughter in the show Days of Our Lives. The two actresses share a very close bond, and we are sure Susan has been a great pillar of support for her daughter all through this tough period. She has been married for the last five years to Kyle Martino, who is currently a Sports Commentator after completing a successful career as a soccer player. Together they have two children; her son Major and their eldest daughter Marlowe.

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