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Everyday Home Items That You Should Definitely Get Rid Of

Even if you’re not a hoarder, chances are you have a few items laying around the house that you might be better off without. Some items have been proven to be a tad bit dangerous, so let’s go through the list of five things in your home you should toss out immediately.

Ditch The Plastic

While it’s more convenient to use plastic cups and silverware instead of having to wash a ton of permanent flatware, it’s very harmful to the environment. Ditch the plastic and take the extra time to rinse and load up the dishwasher or handwash your dishes instead of stocking the local landfill with all of your unnecessary garbage.


Keep An Eye On Those Cords

Those surge protectors are sure convenient. You can plug in six utilities at once! But don’t go too crazy with plugging in all of those cords. A surge¬†protector can’t stop even the sturdiest of extension cords from starting a fire in your home. Unplug extra accessories when you’re not using them to prevent any hazards.


Toss Out Expired Makeup

Expired makeup products can lead to a bunch of health problems, like acne or even pink eye! They also won’t protect you the way they should. Expired sunscreen won’t actually shield you from the sun, and old BB cream or foundation will be more like an oily sheer cover for your skin. Throw it out and restock to prevent scary skin issues.

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Replace Unclean Shower Curtains

Most people put up that sheer shower curtain and don’t even think about replacing it until the whole bottom is covered with mold. But be careful. What you may think are just soap spots are really bacteria breeding grounds. Replace your shower curtains regularly or wash it on a regular basis with baking soda and vinegar.

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Declutter Your Surplus Of Magazines

Can you say fire hazard? With today’s technology, there’s no reason to be holding onto all of those paper business cards. And even less of a reason to be keeping old magazines. Go through your supply, flag or tear out the articles you actually want to keep (but not all of them) and then recycle those suckers!


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