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Explorers Upload Photos Of A Mysterious Cave They Found, And The Internet Is Still Mulling Over Them

A mysterious cave in the woods is the epicenter of intrigue and allure. People can’t help but wonder what lies in the depths of these dark caverns. Could there be treasure or bizarre animals? For two brave explorers, they put these questions to the test when they stumbled upon a secret cave in the woods.They then took to Imgur, to post photos of the findings of their 2013 spelunking odessy.

Uncharted Territory

The first amazing discovery was the cave itself. According to local lore, the cave was long thought to be an urban legend. But the two spelunkers happened upon the entrance one day and quickly planned a return trip to dive into the deep. Armed with weapons and flashlights, the two trekked back into the forest, seeking out the hidden opening once more.

Imgur / thaturksme

Into The Unknown

Curiosity and confusion was the name of the game as the two friends began exploring. They described it as a maze of tunnels and dark corners. Like most labyrinths, many of the passageways were shallow and led to a dead end. After many narrow turns and tricks, the cave opened up to a wild discovery.

YouTube / CPWorld

They Weren’t The Only Visitors

The spelunkers both crept into this new area of the cave. They started to see what they thought were animal tracks or paw prints here and there on the stone floor. Adrenaline started to rush as they pushed on, not sure what kind of creature they may find around the next turn.

Imgur / thaturksme

How Did Those Get There

As the two slowly shuffled further into the cavern, their concern only grew. They stumbled across what they hoped were animal bones. The bones in the photo are small, and certainly seem a different shape than human, thank goodness! But the sight was enough to convince them to start heading back.

Imgur / thaturksme

Get Out!

They had already decided to turn around, not wanting to run into any animals that may still be lurking in the shadows. As they made their way out, they realized that the walls were moving. One of the explorers described what lined the cave as “giant cricket-spider hybrids!” Needless to say, they may look around a little more closely on their next expedition. And probably pack bug spray!

Imgur / thaturksme

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