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Buckle Up And Get Ready For Some Of The Most Extreme Trucks Ever Designed

japan japanese extreme trucks

There’s an undeniable sense of freedom that comes from being able to cruise around town as you please. But nothing is quite as awesome as being able to stand tall and flashy above the crowd and dwarf your competitors. Bring in the monster trucks!

These extreme trucks are the true kings and queens of the road, from their massive frames to the fearsome pillars of smoke roaring out of their exhaust pipes. From dragons and psychedelic color schemes to wheels big enough to churn ice, these mechanical beasts prove that your commute can be an all-out war on all that is ordinary. Forget the measly decals and buckle up for one wild ride.

1. The Definition Of Extreme

Mad Max, move over. If you think that your war machines have to be bare bones essentials, gritty and covered with skulls, think again. This apocalypse is a lot more shiny than you could ever have imagined. Welcome to the unimaginably bombastic world of dekotara, the Japanese art of truck decorating.

japanese japan extreme trucks

If you saw one of these behemoths barreling down the highway towards you, you would likely be so dazzled by its shimmering chrome exterior and infinite gadgets and details that you would overlook those fearsome turrets pointing straight at you. These bad boys are showing us what the future of extreme trucks looks like.

2. Shark Attack

Jaws apparently has a cousin that has managed to come terrorize people on land. One of the best kinds of extreme trucks are the ones designed after ferocious animals, and this sharkmobile is no exception whatsoever. It’s giving us all kinds of Animal House flashbacks, and yet it manages to be even more fantastic than national Lampoon’s infamous ‘Deathmobile.’

shark truck extreme trucks


The amount of attention that the truck’s decorator paid to detail is astounding, from the custom metal molding to the paint job all the way down to the series of grooves placed outside the door to represent the shark’s gills. Also, can we just say that tail fins have never been more appropriate on a tricked-out vintage pickup truck.

3. Prince Should Ditch The Motorcycle

Blasphemous as the idea may seem, should anyone ever be interested in creating a remake film of Purple Rain, this is without a doubt the best vehicle you could possibly use. Frankly, that lilac chrome exterior alone would be enough to turn heads. But to truly be one of the most extreme trucks on the road, you’ve got to go all out.

extreme trucks

Wow Amazing

With all of those fins and jagged spikes sticking out of it, this purple mystery machine looks like it has one of Lady Gaga’s outrageous masks plastered onto the back. The van looks spacious enough, so the question arises: if given the choice between arriving in style in a limo or in this hot ride, which one would you choose?

4. Cheeses Take The Wheel

There are some food trucks that serve it up with no frills, and then there’s this guy. Bursting at the seams with red onion, lettuce, and pickles, oozing dollops of ketchup, and topped off with a sesame seed bun, just looking at this steaming hot van is enough to make you salivate.

food sandwich truck extreme trucks


While it’s unclear whether this truck serves food or is just an advertisement for the Westport Flea Market burger restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri, this has got to be one of the tastiest extreme truck designs out there. Hopefully the driver is used to having hungry people tailgate him on a regular basis!

5. More Than A Sleigh Ride

Not hearing the jingle bells this year? Been channeling your inner Grinch? Look out, because the most dazzling of all outlandish trucks is on its way to deliver you a massive wallop of holiday cheer, whether you like it or not. Its halls have been so decked out that it’s practically blinding.

extreme trucks

Assuming that Old Saint Nick could be willing to update his style and retire those poor reindeer, there’s no ride more suited for him than this maddeningly festive big rig. The amount of dedication and electricity needed to set this truck ablaze with a frenzy of color is absolutely breathtaking.

6. Painting On Wheels

Few things can compare to the all-out assault on the senses that a visit to South Asia presents, most of all the fact that bright, bold, vivid colors have become the cultural norm in a way found almost nowhere else on Earth. The cultural palette has even translated to the concept of truck design, which has become an absolute art form.

pakistan pakistani extreme trucks decorated


This van in Pakistan is no exception to the rule: it is the rule. The fanciful designs are straight out of a wild fantasy, changing their pattern and form every few inches. From its royal seat up top to its fringes down below, it’s almost too much to take in. You have to wonder if the driver can even see out the front.

7. Flaming Hot Wheels

When you think of extreme trucks, chances are, one of the first images that likely comes to mind is the sight of a monster truck roaring around the arena. And while those intentionally oversized wheels are impressive enough, who’s to stop the driver from taking their vehicle to the next level?

dragon truck monster trucks extreme trucks

Monster Jam

This dragon with its toothy grin, shooting flames out of its gullet, is sure to be the fan favorite. It looks like it could even headbutt its opponents and cause some damage with those nasty spikes lining its front. If Game of Thrones ever decided to do away with their old modes of transport, this would certainly be an adequate replacement.

8. Desert Heat

This Las Vegas-based monster transporter reportedly weighs 15,000 pounds, which is even more than the largest African elephant. But its weight is almost insignificant thanks to its souped-up engine, courtesy of Big Toyz Racing in Arizona. This allows the Sin City Hustler to screech down the desert roads and smoke its competition.

extreme trucks

Ekstra Bladet

This black beauty can seat up to 12 people comfortably, as it towers over its surroundings on 66-inch high wheels. There’s just no cooler way to pull into Las Vegas than aboard this ultra-swag limo. The designers knew just how many admirers their masterpiece would have, as it went on the market a few years ago for $1 million.

9. Silver Goddess

In the world of Japanese extreme trucks, you’d be hard-pressed to find something more jaw-dropping than this beauty. Admit it: if you were on a battlefield, and saw this rumbling towards you alongside a tank, which one of them would make you flinch first and turn heel? If this chrome mammoth fired lasers, would you be at all surprised?

japan japanese extreme trucks

The Awesomer

Decked out with row upon row of LED lights, this fierce freighter would fit under the dictionary definition as the antonym of subtlety. This tricked-out truck would be the perfect backdrop to the rock concert you could easily hold on that front platform. Live it up proudly: extreme trucks aren’t for the understated.

10. The Freedom Mobile

There’s loving your country, there’s even posting a window flag or two on your car so that it can flap proudly in the breeze as you cruise…and then there’s this display of patriotism. Something about seeing this bald eagle of the high road just makes you want to leave everything behind and cruise through the continent.

american america extreme trucks

There’s just one fatal design flaw that needs to be pointed out. If this driver-turned-designer could find a way to make those exhaust pipes spit out a fireworks display at the end of a blasted transition of the National Anthem, then this truck would be perfect. Also, ‘Big Nose?’ What exactly is the story behind that name?

11. Pizza My Heart

Though its exterior seems ordinary enough, just another trailer truck, inside this vehicle of dreams is a world of pleasure: a palace of pizza at your disposal. Bask in the glory of the Pizza Wagon, a marvel of design, making all other extreme truck designs suddenly seem like they’re lacking some basics.

pizza truck extreme trucks

Matthew Milman

Complete with a wood-fire oven to coat its crust in swirls of smoky goodness, when this heavenly chariot rolls into town, it ought to be accompanied by a procession of joyful revelers. The Pizza Wagon needs no decorations, for its interior is beautiful enough to make one weep. It came, it saw, it conquered our stomachs.

12. Instructions Unclear

This driver must have had the misfortune of getting too close to a rabid group of enraged art students who lashed out out by festooning this ride with an otherworldly amount of eclectic finds. It’s hard to know even where to begin when analyzing this carnival on wheels.

extreme trucks weird bizarre decorations

There’s neither rhyme nor reason to this wildly bizarre truck, and it’s totally fascinating. It’s as if whatever random objects the owner came across, they received a haphazard new coat of paint and were immediately slapped onto any free space on this hot ride. This thrift shop on wheels is a head-scratcher all right, but it certainly catches the eye like no other.

13. Art In Motion

What’s going on in the front under the cab of this stylized truck is fierce, but the actual party is in the back. After seeing this kind of a truck, you’ll wonder why other transporters don’t seize the opportunity to jazz up their cargo hold. After all, plain corrugated metal siding is just downright boring. This Japanese designer had the right idea.

japan japanese extreme trucks

Deep Japan

With its gorgeous, bold hues, this truck drives around with art for the masses. The roads would definitely be less bleak seeing this portrait of two embracing star-crossed lovers in the traditional Japanese style aesthetic, frolicking in a field of flowers. Wouldn’t you rather have your daily commute on otherwise drab roads be interrupted by scenes like this?

14. No Sleep ‘Til Tahoe

Extreme trucks have to be able to hold up under extreme conditions, and this bright and bold road hog is fully equipped to take on even the most cumbersome conditions. It has grills across its front that would make a rapper blush, and get a load of those serious snow chains.

wheels extreme trucks

Wow Amazing

But what’s most eye-catching about this truck are those wild triangular tires. Is it a truck? Is it a tractor, or a bulldozer? Or perhaps all of those in one? The jury’s still out, and although it doesn’t have a stinger, we would certainly feel like a boss behind the wheel of this yellow jacket.

Thirsting for more extreme trucks? We’ve got you covered — keep reading!

15. Follow That Truck!

It’s the sort of thing that if you were to see casually in your peripheral vision as you’re cruising along, you would definitely do a doubletake…shortly followed by the squealing of tires as you shift lanes, prepared to follow this sweet ride to any destination it may lead you.

kiss chocolate hershey extreme trucks

It’s not as if this driver is trying to not stand out from the rest, but driving this kind of vehicle is bound to have some security issues. When you’re on duty and parked, it’s advisable to have someone in the passenger’s seat to guard the truck from the hordes liable to climb it as they try to discover what goodies hide inside.

16. Bend And Snap

The rich cobalt blue exterior on this Ford truck would be enough to make you want to painstakingly wipe away even the smallest speck of dirt that might dare mar its beautiful surface. Color aside, this might seem like any other truck at first glance. Then, it reveals its awesome hidden talent.

extreme trucks

Ford Truck Enthusiasts

Extreme trucks are the Transformers of transportation: there’s bound to be more than meets the eye. This truck has the awesome ability to make its rear bed dance around. Not sure what its practical use could be (other than, say, a rodeo — which we’re not opposed to) but it’s a spectacle to behold.

17. The Mega Magic School Bus

With a sick set of tires that would impress even the Michelin man, this repurposed bus has lost its identity as a carrier of children, and joined the proud league of the world’s most unique extreme trucks as a carrier of mayhem. It looks like Miss Frizzle has officially gone rogue.

school bus truck extreme trucks

Patras Events

Have no fear about a bumpy ride, those tires don’t even know what a speed bump means. And get a look at the tricolor police lights up top. We’re not sure whether this can burn rubber, but this lemon-color leviathan could no doubt stomp out any adversary in its way.

18. Beasts Of The Northern Wild

This Russian lake is possessed by a monster, and it’s not a giant serpent that’s lost its way en route to Loch Ness. Known as the Sherp, this stout vehicle is a force to be reckoned with, able to tackle (and flatten) just about any obstacle you could place in front of it.

amphibious vehicle russia russian truck extreme trucks

Need to cross an ice-choked lake in order to get where you need to be going? That’s not going to be an issue: check out those enormous tires with grooves big enough to gain traction on even the iciest of surfaces. They whir around in the water, stirring up the ice and turning it into a slushie. Let’s just hope it has a submersible engine.

19. The Titan

In the age of extreme trucks, mining is no longer the domain of carts, pulleys, and pickaxes. Monster machines are here to assist. This Liebherr T-282B model makes all other trucks, no matter how hefty, seem like dwarfs at its side. Even an elephant might feel some flickers of inadequacy in its shadow.

mining truck extreme trucks

Liebherr Mining

When this model debuted in 2004, it possessed the capacity to haul the largest truckload of any model on the planet. Though it has since been surpassed, just craning your neck to look up at that titan, over 50 feet tall, will give you a sense of how impressive it truly is.

Think that’s wild? Check out these head-turning monster trucks up ahead.

20. Cool Ride

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This truck constructed out of ice blocks is the real deal. That’s not translucent plastic, those are actual sheets of ice that have been whittled down and assembled atop a truck frame for this unbelievable getup. If they ever remake Batman & Robin, we know exactly how Mr. Freeze should get around town.

ice truck extreme trucks

Grassroots Motorsports

Using the frame from a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado, a tire company created this incredible invention for a commercial. That driver bundled up snugly inside the freezemobile isn’t just for show; the ice truck was completely capable of driving, though it melted down a bit after the shoot. Where did this happen, you may ask? Why, Canada, of course.

21. Mobile Jack-In-The-Box

Sometimes, when you’re trying to emulate your inner gangster, you can’t help but rev up your engine, tap those brakes, and bounce your car up and down to those sick beats you’re blasting from your speakers. But this truck has taken that lifestyle leaps and bounds further with some crazy modifications.

jeep highrider extreme trucks

While it remains rather unclear what the purpose of this jack-in-the-box design is, and just how much it affects mobility, there’s no denying how unique it makes this hot red ride. What would really be wild is if those supports were able to keep the car steady while you drive, affording a far better view. Honestly, this would be perfect for the drive-in.

22. Furry Fiend

We would be shocked if we, for some reason, discovered that the driver of this truck was not at all interested in hunting — or was a devoted advocate of veganism. If you were a zoological researcher hoping to document the animal life of the surrounding area, just survey the creatures decorating this vehicle.

hunter hunting extreme trucks

There are species of birds that decorate their nests in an attempt to attract a mate, but it looks like this pelt-collecting motorist has taken their nest to the road with them. Even if it’s not unwieldy, this vehicle must need proper shelter from the elements. Can you imagine what it would smell like a day or two after a rainstorm?

23. The Ozone Punisher

Some consider internal combustion engines a thing of the past. But not the designer of this exhaust tosser apparently. With those exposed pipes and vents jutting out of its hood like eye stalks, this truck shows just how ominous and sinister the inner workings of a vehicle can look if they’re not covered up. You can almost imagine this truck bellowing like a dragon about to wreak havoc on the nearby village.

extreme trucks design


While those thick and gnarly jets of black diesel smoke certainly look pretty thrilling, let’s just hope this souped-up machine of mayhem only gets taken out of its cage to make appearances for special occasions, and to strike fear into the hearts of its driver’s enemies. There’s already a hole in the ozone, no need to keep trying!

24. It Just Keeps Going

Okay, even if that’s the wrong brand slogan, you can’t help but get a jolt out of this hilarious truck. It’s almost like this was the favorite toy of some cosmic being, who reached down out of the sky with a giant hand to insert a size-appropriate battery to start it up.

truck extreme trucks battery


Frankly, it doesn’t even matter what this truck might be storing inside that zany cargo hold. For all you know, there could be a miniature petting zoo inside that thing. But just seeing this sight roll up in your town is enough to send you scrambling for that selfie stick. This tailor-made trucks gives new meaning to the idea of battery-powered vehicles.

25. Superbass

When you go out on a fishing trip, you’ve got to do it properly. Would you really pile all your gear and your crew into a cute little Prius? No! You want to get in a big, beefy truck that can bump around through the wilderness on the way to the river.

extreme trucks

The sight of this fish out of water bumping and grinding its way towards the fishing hole must be enough to make the river’s inhabitants dart away in fear. Imagine if a tiger on the hunt came cruising down the road in a truck covered with a human face? It’s the stuff of nightmares.


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