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Facebook And Instagram Went Down For Hours So The Webisphere Turned To Twitter And The Results Were Hilarious

Ever wonder what would happen if you couldn’t access your favorite social media platforms at all hours of the day? That’s exactly what billions of Facebook and Instagram users around the world experienced on March 13 for several hours. The mounting frustration of waiting all day to post that fire selfie created some hilarious results.

We’re All In This Together

One hilarious tweet by @Nav_3md showed one of my favorite GIF’s from High School Musical dancing to “We’re All In This Together” when you find out that you’re not the only one experiencing a social media outage. This is probably the best use of this song in all of time. 

Twitter Vs. Everyone Else

This tweet by user @briannabiehl is funny because it brings back one of my favorite memes into the spotlight. The guy who’s never satisfied meme is a classic, especially because this time the tasty dish that caught his eye is Twitter vs. Instagram and Facebook. Which one will he choose?

Chrissy Teigen Face

This tweet by @ETech7 is so accurate it’s scary. It show’s Chrissy Teigen’s infamous grimace face during the Golden Globes in 2015. I think this reaction basically describes everyone’s mood at one point or another on that fateful day. Instagram and Facebook will just never be the same after this.

Shaq Shimmy

This tweet by @sarthakchow1 showing the hilarious “Shaq Shimmy” dance GIF is downright funny. But when you see that Shaq is supposed to be Twitter wiggling its shoulders and making a kissy face at you, I’d be surprised if you didn’t double over in laughter.

Earl Sweatshirt Doesn’t Care

Last but not least, the funniest tweet of all time comes from @complex. Their tweet shows a video of Earl Sweatshirt saying “I don’t care” while seemingly eating something delicious aptly shows how all of us loyal Twitter users felt when it was the only platform up. Long live Twitter!

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