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Is Your Data Private? Facebook Logs All Phone Calls And Texts

If you’re not already one of its 2 billion active users, Facebook is a social media giant launched in 2004 and has pretty much become a staple in the daily lives of many across the world. The majority of our lives are on Facebook, but how secure is our data? There are many ways to keep certain information private, and we all assume they work until we find out they don’t.


Users of Facebook put their trust in the platform to keep their word. Choose your privacy settings and you’re secure. Right? Not so fast. There have been instances through updates where privacy settings have been changed without the user’s knowledge, leaking out information they wanted to keep private.


When people download the Facebook app on their phones, there’s an option to sync contacts. You can say no, but most people inadvertently say yes in a quick click-through to download. When they say yes, they’re including not only Facebook user contacts, but all of their contacts. This option also includes a log of all phone calls and texts between you and your contacts, as several users recently discovered.

Opt In/Opt Out

Following the uproar and tweet frenzy upon this discovery, Facebook insisted this was an opt-in function. The ability to turn this feature off exists in the app and you can un-sync your contacts at any time. Most people don’t know the Facebook app is recording all this personal data, so unless they go looking for it or discover it by accident, it’s unlikely they know to opt out.

Cambridge Analytica

The trust in Facebook has really taken a tumble since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and this recent discovery doesn’t help rebuild that trust. Ever since this was revealed, Facebook users have been concerned about their privacy and whether Facebook can be trusted with the information about their lives.

Bottom Line

When users put their lives on a social media site like Facebook, there’s a reasonable assumption that information may get out for all the world to see. To keep your data as secure as possible and at a level that you choose, read everything when you download an app. Also, visit your privacy settings on a regular basis to make sure they’re still providing you the protection you desire.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved