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Teenager’s Facebook Post Helps Homeless Man Find Work And Buy A Home

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Charlotte Howard is a 16-year-old who lives in Hastings, East Sussex, England. One day, oddly enough, she noticed a tent in the middle of her city. But the note she found next to it was even stranger. That tent was Anthony Johnson’s home, and his note was a plea for a job. He explained that he was willing to do anything, and he even offered to work for free on a trial period. Charlotte posted the note on Facebook, and her efforts helped get Anthony a job and much more.

Homeless For Nine Years

Anthony used to be quite well-off financially. In the early years of his adult life, he got involved in the seedy world of crime and drugs. When he decided to clean up his life, he became homeless because all of his personal and professional connections were criminals.

After nine years of homelessness, he was still unable to find a job. He announced to the world that he was willing to do almost anything from dog-walking to landscaping. He was even willing to work for free to prove himself.

The Right Person Sees The Note

Fortunately, Nelson Smith, the owner of a landscaping company heard about Johnson’s plight. Smith had struggled with the loss of jobs and housing due to a personal bout with mental illness, so he wanted to help Anthony.

Nelson gave Anthony a landscaping job, and he didn’t make him work a single day for free. The community also rallied around Anthony Johnson even more.

Things Are Looking Up

Charlotte started a Go Fund Me campaign that raised over 2,400 British pounds (over $3,100) on Anthony Johnson’s behalf. He was able to buy himself a mobile home, and he can ensure that he will always have clothes and transportation to get to work.

Paul Jameson on Facebook said, “Charlotte just read about this and I wanted to tell you that your efforts are heartwarming. Well done. Be proud of yourself.” Juliet Kelly posted to Facebook, “If anyone can offer something and leaves a message here I’ll make sure he sees it. I printed screenshots for him of all the original messages.” With a little help from the community, a man who was close to giving up now has a reason for hope.

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