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Unsend To The Rescue: Facebook Messenger’s Newest Upgrade Lets Users Delete Sent Messages

Although Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites, we use it for way more than chatting with friends. You can even apply for jobs and connect with potential employers through Facebook Messenger. That’s why plenty of users are jumping for joy over the newest upgrade to the app.

Best Feature Ever

Have you ever sent a cringe-worthy message you wish you could’ve taken back? With Facebook Messenger’s newest upgrade, you can delete messages that have already been sent.

This feature will save you from the embarrassment of a glaring typo, sending a personal message to your professional group chat, or, even worse, sending a negative message about a person to that person.

How It Works

You have 10  minutes to delete a message. There is no guarantee that the receiver won’t see the message before it’s deleted, but some kind of delete function is better than no delete function.

Although it would be great if all traces of your deleted message could just disappear without a trace, any users you sent the deleted message to will get a notification that you have deleted a message. They will know something was there, but they won’t be able to view the text of the deleted message.

A Word Of Caution

This feature is great, but it’s not a fail-safe. Most people receive Facebook messages instantly because they have the Messenger app on their phones. While this feature is an excellent tool, there’s still a need to use caution before you send messages. 

Proofread before you press send, and be sure that you’re not sending messages or photos that you might regret later on. Although you can delete a message, there is nothing stopping the receiver from taking a screenshot before you delete it. It seems like typos are always easier to spot after a message has been sent. Now, there’s a fix for that!

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