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Family Cat Hilariously Replaces Woman’s Ex-Boyfriend In Edited Photos

Not too many people maintain friendly interactions with their ex. Though this woman wasn’t bitter or upset about her personal breakup with an ex-boyfriend, she didn’t like that he was in a lot of her family photos. So, she came up with a pretty unique and hilarious way to get rid of him for good!

The Final Breakup

Chloe Forsberg and her boyfriend were together for four years off and on. Chloe had even moved out of her parents’ house so that the two could move in together. Though they had happy times together, eventually the couple split, leaving Chloe to pick up the pieces. However, she had one really special friend to help get her through…

Chloe Forsberg / Facebook

A Comforting Friend

Chloe and her family adopted a cat, ironically named Woof, when she was just 10-years-old. Woof was a kitten then, but Chloe automatically fell in love with him. The two grew up together, with Woof often by Chloe’s side to play with and even comfort her at times. When she broke up with her ex, Chloe got much-needed love from her feline friend. But, she also noticed that her ex was still in the picture… quite literally.

Chloe Forsberg / Facebook

The Ex Factor

Looking back, Chloe realized that her ex-boyfriend had been along for the ride at many family events. Unfortunately, that meant he was also in a lot of her family photos too, including pics from her cousin’s wedding. No one wants their ex lingering around! So Chloe’s sister, Emily, came up with a perfect and hilarious fix!

Animal Channel

A Hilarious Substitute

Emily came up with an awesome surprise for her sister. She edited Chloe’s ex out of the wedding photos, and replaced him with someone Chloe would always love— Woof! The cat definitely couldn’t be missed in the new edits and Chloe loved it. “Even though I was quite upset at the time, it made me laugh a lot!” she said of the new family photos. And the pictures soon became a way to pay tribute to a dear friend.

Chloe Forsberg / Animal Channel

Lifelong Memories

The pictures, though funny, soon became a great memory for the family’s dear cat. Sadly, Woof passed away a year ago at the age of 16. Though Emily misses him a lot, she is glad to have these doctored photos to look back on. “Woof loved me and our family unconditionally and was always around and giving affection,” she shared. “I’m always looking through photos of him and remembering funny stories even a year on.” That’s true friendship!

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