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For 16 Years, This Family Has Created The Most Hilariously Awkward Christmas Cards

December mail is certain to bring a slew of cheesy Christmas cards into every household. However, the Bergerons have spent years spicing up their traditional photos to ensure their friends and family aren’t bored by their holiday cards. Would you hang one of these hilarious pictures on your fridge?

Undeniably Creative Christmas Cards

The holiday season is a time for adorable decorations, heartfelt presents, and, of course, the traditional family Christmas card. However, while most of these cards end up being unironically hilarious, the Bergerons take their awkward holiday photos to the next level.

For Laura and Mike Bergeron, creativity during the holidays has come naturally for the last 16 years. However, they don’t simply show their spirit through DIY decorations or blog-worthy cookie decorating. Instead, the couple crafts some pretty hilarious, cooky, and semi-unsettling Christmas cards to send off to family and friends.

How The Magic Happens

Kicking off this tradition in 2003, Mike and Laura have covered every base, from dressing like American Gothic characters to Buddhist monks to jazzy eighties dancers. Along the way, they’ve incorporated their two young daughters, Gigi and Juju, into their imaginative pictures. Still, considering the stunning results, the Bergerons certainly didn’t pull off these photos alone.

Each year, the family gets into costume and heads off to the JC Penny photo studio where the hilarious pictures are snapped and edited to perfection. Sometimes, Mike and Laura feel a bit embarrassed strutting through the store in their funny attire, yet the photographers always seem to get a kick out of their hysterical choice of dress. And it seems they only get more creative every year!

Fun For The Whole Family

Ultimately, Mike and Laura can’t remember who originally came up with the idea for the fun tradition. Still, Mike believes that it’s a way to keep up the morale of family and friends “amidst the chaos and stress of the season.” They’ve truly dedicated themselves to the cause, spending plenty of money, time, and energy on keeping up with the photographs each year. Mike has even shaved his head a few times to achieve the perfect look!

When their daughters were born and got in on the tradition, the cards became even more silly and charming. From dressing like emo babies to country hicks, it’s clear that Gigi and Juju care just as much about the customary Christmas cards as Mike and Laura do! We can only imagine what the future Christmases of this inventive family hold.

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