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Family Pet Horse Upstages Bride with His Wide Grin

Patti Womer from Pennsylvania wanted her family horses, Dutch and Cricket, to join her wedding day in honor of her dad, who passed away last year. The big plan was for the horses to give the bride a ride before she walked down the aisle. During the ceremony, photographer Tony Bendele instructed the bride to smile as she rode one of the horses. Just as the shutters flashed, he also captured Cricket, one of the horses, giving a wide grin.

The bride said: “I just thought it was hilarious and it literally was like staged, but it wasn’t at all. It was just kind of funny. And it was great that I was smiling too. Everything was really nice.”

The photo of the bride with the cocked-head horse giving a huge smile was posted on social media and has since gone viral. Yahoo Lifestyle also covered the story. Womer said: “I honestly don’t mind having attention on her instead of me. Dutch and Cricket are such a big part of me, and I will always have a special place in my heart for them.”

Dutch and Cricket were given to the bride when she was just 8 years old; they have been a tremendous part of her life. Womer said: “This just showed that my father was there with me through the whole thing.”

Bendele, who previously worked as a wildlife photographer, said that he has “never seen a horse doing the smile like that. It actually caught my eye initially when we first started doing the photographs. As the bride was smiling the horse would look up and put its teeth just like that.”

Womer also clarified that Cricket wasn’t actually smiling but was “shaking her head to get a fly off or something, but with her showing teeth, it looks like she is smiling.”

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