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After Two Years, Family Tracks Down Beloved Pet Dog Snatched From Backyard

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What would you do if your family dog was stolen? This is the nightmarish question that the Peterson family faced when their beloved dog Cedar was stolen from their backyard in May 2017. After searching for two years, the Florida family was just about to give up hope when a miracle happened. Read on to see how the Peterson’s tracked down their dog that was stolen two years ago.

The Pawfect Family

Everything seemed to be coming up roses for the Peterson family in 2017. Based in Southwest Ranches, Florida, the family of four had four playful pups to raise. Suddenly, their Golden Retriever was stolen from their backyard. She was only four months old, and Peterson matriarch Tamara had a sneaking suspicion that someone had jumped their fence and snatched the pup from their yard. Not only that, but there were already several missing pet posters strung up around her neighborhood.

The Peterson’s did everything in their power to try to get Cedar back from the thieves. They vigilantly drove around searching for the missing canine and hung flyers around their city with Cedar’s face on it. The family even employed a pet detective to locate their missing animal (Ace Ventura, anyone?). But alas, it seemed like they were out of luck. Meanwhile, time passed and poor Cedar was still on the road.

On The Road

Little did the Petersons know that Cedar was all the way on the other side of the country. In 2019, the missing pup was found almost 2,000 miles away in the tiny town of Hugo, Colorado. It is entirely unclear how she had ended up there, but she was discovered in an icy ditch by Deputy Marshal Steve Ryan. Spotting the snow-covered and wounded dog, Ryan scooped her up and safely set her down into the back seat of his cop car.

The sweet deputy took Cedar straight to Eastern Colorado Veterinary Services. It was there that the veterinarian Dr. Leesa McCue scanned the dog for a microchip. Fortunately, she found one on the pup and discovered that she was from the southern coast of Florida. Soon afterward, the Peterson’s were on the receiving end of a phone call that they had waited nearly two years for. When she heard the news, Tamara Peterson dished to The Miami Herald that, “I immediately cried. I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock. It’s almost two years to the day.”

Cedar’s Reunion

Amazingly, the animal charity Wings of Rescue volunteered to fly Cedar all the way back to Southern Florida after three weeks of resting. The Petersons happily greeted their long lost dog at a small airport in Fort Lauderdale on April 20, 2019. Thankfully, their brave hound was in better condition than they thought, but it had been greatly weakened by its journey.

Referring to the touching reunion, the non-profit’s president and CEO Ric Browde said that, “There’s a movie in there somewhere. Microchipping saves lives. There’s no doubt about it.” The Petersons didn’t think that their dog would even recognize them, but fortunately, she did. The family plans to celebrate Cedar’s rescue by taking her swimming. Tamara Peterson shared, “We’ll have a little homecoming pool party or whatever she wants.”

The Wings of Rescue Facebook post has gone viral with 2,700 likes, 545 shares, and almost 70 comments. Social media response has been super supportive!

Facebook user Benson and friends joyfully wrote, “We all love a happy ending and this one makes my tail wag! Thank you for all you do.”

Facebook user Patti Hakes thanked the organization, “WOW amazing that this poor pup was reunited. Thanks for all your hard work. Happy Easter”

Facebook user Pat Green rejoiced “Happy Easter! Thank you for everything you do to save these precious animals! ❤️”

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