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This Fancy Bathtub Costs $19K—But Is It Worth It?

Would you go as far as dropping almost $20,000 on a bathtub? TOTO, a luxury toilet manufacturer, believes some people might. The company has just debuted its newest, priciest design: The Floatation Tub. Designed to achieve the effects of zero gravity, this fancy bathroom accessory costs a whopping $19,000. So what exactly makes this bathtub so special?

Behind The Floatation Tub

This looks like a normal bathtub. However, it is anything but normal.

The actual tub is made from a fiber-reinforced polymer and man-made marble, though the inside is what makes it truly unique.

High-Tech Soaking

The Floatation Tub is equipped with a built-in neck pillow, which also includes an opening for warm water to stream out and spill over one’s shoulders. This gives the tub an effect of a bath and shower at the same time.

It’s also equipped with LED lights and several water-blasting jets. The LED lights are at the bottom of the bathtub, which is intended to mimic the relaxing effects of candlelight. The jets, however, have a few hidden features.

Zero Gravity Relaxation

The jets target different joints in the body to make the user feel like they are weightless and floating through space. In addition, the bathtub requires a special reclining posture, which is modeled after the position astronauts are in while they sleep in zero gravity.

This zero-gravity effect, in turn, puts users into a low-frequency brainwave state. This state provides a sense of deep meditation and relief while the muscles and the mind begin to relax. There are also tiny jets in the Floatation Tub that massages different muscles in the body, including those along the spine. Sounds super relaxing, right?

For this price tag, I think I’ll pass. But check out this video of the Floatation Tub in action to see if you think it’s worth the money.

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