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How These Fans Rode All 46 Disney World Rides In One Day Without A FastPass For The ‘Parkeology Challenge’ 3

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If you had one day at Disney World, what rides would you choose to go on? Well, you might not have to choose if you take the Parkeology Challenge. Kristina Hawkins, 31, and Shane Lindsay, 45, rode all 46 rides at the park in just one day. And they didn’t even have a FastPass! Most of us would need at a minimum of two days to see everything at The Most Magical Place on Earth, but not these two mega-Disney fans.

They embarked on what they call the ‘Parkeology Challenge’. It’s a sort of Disney endurance test if you will to see if they could cover all four parks and all of their rides in just one day. According to WESH2, Hawkins and Lindsay, who both run social media Disney fan pages, were able to complete the challenge with a lot of planning.“I’m not sure either of us thought it was completely possible,” said Hawkins told Orlando Sentinel.

Parkeology Challenge Accepted

Lindsay said that while they did believe it could be done, they knew that things had to go right for the challenge to work. One ride breakdown or line delay could foil their entire plan. Lindsay said that he and his friend Ted Tamburo created the challenge and were the first to complete it.

While the rules of the challenge do allow people to use a FastPass, he and Hawkins and Lindsay waited on every single line without one. Hawkins and Lindsay were the first to complete the challenge without a FastPass. “It seemed like something really crazy to try and do this. In some ways, it felt not purer, but a little more old school,” said Lindsay of not using FastPasses.They first had to figure out which rides close early in the day, like the Magic Kingdom’s Jungle Cruise, and what rides might be less crowded in the evening, like the Animal Kingdom. They found that their wait times weren’t that long until they came to Flight of Passage. They had to wait an entire hour on that line. Then there were the other issues like what parks need to be visited first and what kind of food they were going to pack.

Disney Strategery

Lindsay and Hawkins ended up starting their day at Disney’s Hollywood Studio where they first jumped on the Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster in Toy Story Land. They ended up making three separate visits to the Magic Kingdom so they could get to the rides that closed early. They even made it to Epcot and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. They spent a total of 18 hours at Disney World that day. “We hustled our butts off,” Lindsay said. “So much running!” said Hawkins.

But both Disney fans said it was well worth it. Not only did they embark on the challenge but they brought their fans with them. They documented their fun day completing the challenge on their social media pages. Their Twitter accounts were filled with selfies of the two on all 46 rides like It’s a Small World, the Carousel of Progress, and the Tower of Terror.

Disney Fans Go Wild

Word soon spread throughout Disney fandom and people were going crazy over the challenge. And if you know anything about Disney fans, they are a truly enthusiastic bunch! Their story gained viral attention once local news outlets started picking up their story. Now several national outlets and podcasts have also picked up their story. “It’s mostly just, Disney street cred, I would say,” Hawkins said. “It was almost like we broke the internet, the Disney internet, everyone was freaking out.”

These two have also inspired lots of other Disney fans to embark on their own Parkeology Challenge. Hawkins is going to try the challenge once again on May 9th, you can follow along on Twiter at @Epic_Disney. You can follow Lindsay, the challenge’s co-creator, on Twitter a @FamedNaturalist.

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