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Fantasy Author Gets Fiery Letter From Neighbor Over Dragon Christmas Display, So She ‘Fixes’ It

One of the best parts of Christmas is setting up Christmas decorations. With hundreds of options to chose from, there seems no shortage of possibilities when bringing in the festivities to your neighborhood or community. While you might think your decorations are nothing sort of a creative masterpiece, your neighbors might see otherwise.

Neighborly Disagreement

When author Diana Rowland set up a trio of colorful dragons to bring in the holidays in December 2018, she did not expect her neighbors to have a problem with them. Dragons on Christmas may seem out of place to some. But for Rowland, who is an urban fantasy writer, such motifs are right up her alley.

Daily Mail

Through a serious of twitter posts documenting her experience, Diana showed the world what her neighbors had to think about her holiday display. Her answer to the complaint being the perfect answer to her grinch neighbors.

‘Polite’ Letter

Diana received an anonymous letter from one of her neighbors explaining their displeasure with the display. “Your dragon display is only marginally acceptable at Halloween. It is totally inappropriate at Christmas.” They wrote in all caps “It makes your neighbors wonder if you are in a demonic cult.”

Bored Panda

Accusing festive holiday decorations as being demonic is quite a stretch. Despite a kinder plea for Diana to take down her decorations, Rowland posted the letter on Facebook, along with a genius solution.

Amazing Solution

Not wanting to deny herself of Christmas spirit, Rowland kept her dragons outside but with an extra touch. With the help of her sister, Rowland added halos to her three dragons, along with two more Christmas themed ones.

Bored Panda

“In the spirit of neighborhood harmony, I have placed halos on the dragons. They are now angels” She wrote. Rowland later posted a picture of her three colored dragons with two Christmas themed ones, finding a way to keep herself happy and the spirit of Christmas alive.

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