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How Your Fashion Choices Might Be Hurting You

You might be wondering what it means when we say that your fashion choices might be hurting you. Worry not, this isn’t about your taste, it is actually about your health which is much more important. Recent studies have suggested that certain fashionable pieces might be causing more harm than they’re worth. Here are five items you might want to reconsider next time you step out.

Your Favorite Tie


This one might be a bit of a hard pill to swallow. Ties have long been a necessary staple for every professional, however, recent studies have shown that ties tied too tightly can have some adverse effects on your health. This includes the reduction of blood circulation, increased intraocular pressure, headaches, limited neck movement, and an increase in muscle tension in the upper body.

Those Heels You Love

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You love your heels, but are they secretly killing you? No, but they are harming you if you’re using them frequently. Based on research, the pressure that comes from putting all of your weight on the balls of your feet can cause chronic pain and permanent damage to your joints. So maybe throw on some flats every now and then.

That One Necklace

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Believe it or not, your heavy necklace can also be a problem. Constantly wearing heavy necklaces can cause obvious problems such as neck pain, but they can also cause difficult-to-treat contractures. If you can’t bear to part with your statement pieces, maybe opt for ones made of lighter materials.

Your Skinny Jeans


This one probably comes as no surprise to anyone. The go-to denim choice that permeates our culture for its tight flattering fit has its setbacks. Multiple studies have shown that constricting clothing, such as skinny jeans, can cause poor blood circulation, dilated veins, and even slow digestion. So maybe wear these in moderation or size up?

The Big Purse


This is an interesting one that you probably didn’t see coming. Or maybe you did. But that large purse you’re always lugging around? It causes its own fair share of problems. Maybe you’ve noticed how sore you are after a long day. Well, it might be because your extra large handbag is causing muscle pain. In more severe cases it can also cause joint damage. So maybe consider lightening your load and only carry around the things you need.

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