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This Fast Food Worker Went From Serving Fries To Saving Lives In A Matter Of Minutes

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Pedro Viloria was always a hard worker with an impeccable work ethic, but he didn’t consider himself to be anything special. While working full time shifts at McDonald’s wasn’t his life’s passion, it was all for a future cause. He manned all the stations at the fast food chain with ease, and did so with a huge smile on his face, ready to take on any further challenges. However, one average Tuesday morning, Pedro was faced with the challenge of a lifetime, and it required much more than flipping burgers and serving fries. Read on to find out how Pedro jumped into action when many other people would have been frozen with fear, and how he transformed himself from employee of the month to local hero of the year all within an instant.

1.  A Hardworking Young Man

Pedro Viloria was always an upstanding young man, born in the city of Barquisimeto, Venezuela, the capital city of the state of Lara. It would only be later in life that Pedro and his family would make the long journey all the way to the United States.

fast food worker

In the US, Pedro Viloria would end up working many odd jobs while firstly trying to help his family out with their finances, but also saving up some money to further his own college education. At the time though, he had no idea that one of those odd jobs would shoot him into not only local stardom, but also national stardom back home in Venezuela.

2. Budding Dreams

Prior to making his big move to the United States, Pedro was working as an independent filmmaker. According to him, he helped in the control room for the presentation of movies, including one movie that he had made himself. Pedro even spoke at a conference related to the same event.

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Young Pedro was also a student and event organizer for Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de America Latina for two years. And his dreams of film making and design wouldn’t stop there, they would follow him on his path to the United States where he dreamed of completing college in the subjects.

3. Personal Interests

Pedro loved to draw from a young age and took that skill with him into adulthood, practicing his art techniques. His caliber of works included characters from fantasy works as well as outlines of human figures. The characters from the Marvel Universe have always been some of his favorites. But sadly this passion would have to wait.

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Being very skilled at music, and at the guitar in particular, Pedro saw himself as a budding musician. However, he would find himself doing something far off the mark from his personal interests in the United States when something life-changing would happen to him. New to the country, Pedro was in desperate search of a job, wanting to help his family where he could.

4. A Want To Help

Helping people was part of Pedro’s blood, and he had the most fantastic example right in his own family, none other than his mother. She worked multiple jobs tirelessly, putting in hard work and long hours to assist her family where she could. Pedro’s mother did everything in her power to help her children and provide for their futures.

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Back in Venezuela, Pedro was so influenced by his mother that he even volunteered with the mentally ill through his church. So by the age off 22, Pedro had developed a work ethic and was more than willing to assist when the opportunity presented itself, including working multiple jobs to help his mother and four siblings. His dedicated character was going to be put to the test, and Pedro had no way of knowing or preparing.

5. An Outstanding Student

After several years in the United States, Pedro made the decision to complete his education that he had started in Venezuela. He enrolled in the Miami International University of Art & Design. To no surprise, he worked tirelessly at his studies and received outstanding grades.

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Yet in spite of his incredible work ethic, Pedro didn’t qualify for student aid or any scholarships. With money for tuition running out, he was forced to drop out of school and find a steady job. At this point Pedro was prepared to do just about any job to pay his way through school. But unfortunately, there weren’t many employers willing to take him on.

6. Struggling To Find Work

Pedro Viloria was turned down, job after job, until finally he stumbled into a local McDonald’s and saw that they were hiring. He immediately applied for the job and as luck would have it, he was accepted to the position soon after.

fast food worker

Cell Code

The job at McDonald’s paid more than minimum wage and Pedro was happy to put in the hard work to help support his dream of finishing his education. His goal was to eventually land a career in design, all the while helping to support his family as they struggled to land on their feet in a new country. A job at the fast food chain seemed pretty straightforward to Pedro, but he was in for the surprise of his life.

7. A Rough Start

Pedro’s job at McDonald’s didn’t start out the way he planned, though. The position required lots of difficult training and multitasking, and it proved to be a lot harder than he had expected it to be. But that didn’t discourage him in the least.

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Even though there was a lot to learn and lots of training hours to be put in, Pedro was a hard working type of guy and he was ready for the challenge. On top of working quickly to assist customers, he was also expected to work the register, bag orders, work the drive-thru and prep the food. He had a lot to learn and not much time to learn it all.

8. An  Outstanding Employee

Despite the hardships, Pedro started to excel at his job once he started to get the hang of things. He quickly became known as an outstanding employee. He showed up for work on time, was more than polite to all of the customers, and completed his tasks to the best of his abilities in a timely manner.

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He was well aware that upper management was thrilled with his progress and work, and that just encouraged him to work even harder, multitasking at all the stations, amazing everyone with his skill. Little did he know at the time, but the day was about to come when Pedro had to go above and beyond the call of duty, a duty he wouldn’t have anticipated to overcome.

9. The Morning Shift

It was March 14th, 2017, a seemingly average Tuesday, and Pedro was working the drive-thru at his McDonald’s branch. He was working as usual, taking orders, filling them, and serving them to customers when something out of the ordinary happened that would change everything.

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Half Pencil

When working with customers one can usually expect the unexpected to happen, so Pedro knew he had to be ready to deal with unfamiliar circumstances. However, he wasn’t particularly ready to put this notion to test on that that seemingly ordinary Tuesday while working his normal morning shift. He was minding his own business flipping burgers and fries when he’d have to spring into action.

10. Something Awry

On that Tuesday morning Perdro took an order for a woman in an SUV. He packed her order in bags just like he would have done with any other order and prepared to hand it over to the driver of the vehicle when something stopped him in his tracks. As it turns out, this wasn’t the run of the mill drive-thru order.

fast food worker


As Pedro bent forward, preparing to hand over the customer’s order, the car didn’t slow down. CCTV shows that Pedro stopped in a moment of hesitation as the car slowly drove past the delivery window, but what most shocked Pedro were the screams coming from the backseat of the SUV.

11. Shrilling Screams

The two children in the backseat of the vehicle, a boy and a girl, could be heard screaming at the top of their lungs, “Mom, mom stop. Mom, what are you doing?” And that was the moment Pedro knew something wasn’t right and that he had to act quickly.

fast food worker

The woman who was driving the SUV was clearly unconscious and was unresponsive to her children’s cries for help. No matter what they did, she wouldn’t wake. Pedro, quick on his feet, decided that he had to intervene before the vehicle crashed, and that’s when he jumped into action after a mere second of hesitation.

12. At Any Cost

“I could see she was hardly breathing and I thought that’s not normal. I thought: Something is wrong with that woman now, and I have to do something to help her,” Pedro later stated. He knew that if he didn’t do anything to help the woman there was a good chance that the kids in the car could risk losing their mother.

fast food worker

But Pedro wasn’t about to let that happen, not on his watch. Even though he was only a McDonald’s employee, he knew that he had to do something and fast. That’s when Pedro decided to think quick to assist the women in need, even if it wasn’t part of his job description or he hadn’t received proper training on it.

13. Jumping In

With animal-like instincts kicking in, Perdro jumped through the McDonald’s drive-thru window out into the street. His fright and flight adrenaline was at an all-time high, and there was no time to waste. He had no idea, but surveillance cameras inside the restaurant were catching the whole thing on video.

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After jumping out of the window, Pedro raced after the out of control car. He ran as fast as he could, catching up to the car, and placed himself in front of the vehicle in an attempt to stop the SUV. Fortunately, the car hit a curb and came to a halt before it could roll into oncoming traffic on the street.

14. Seeking Help

Once McDonald’s employee Pedro caught up to the vehicle he instructed the distraught children to call 911. “I was with the kids telling them it was going to be all right,” he told news sources. Then he quickly ran back into the restaurant to seek additional help and came back sprinting back to the scene as fast as he could muster.

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Pedro stayed with the children while an ambulance, fire rescue, and police car made their way to the McDonald’s location in Doral, Florida. He provided them with emotional support in a moment that they needed it most. And luckily for all of them, help wasn’t far behind.

15. Medical Assistance

Fortunately for everyone involved, there was medical help on hand at the McDonald’s location. A customer in the drive-thru lane at that very moment was a licensed paramedic who promptly rushed to the woman’s aid, and a man who had just recently walked into the restaurant worked for the Miami-Dade Fire Department.

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Mortal Odyssey

The fireman quickly grabbed his partner, who was also a licensed firefighter, and in a flash, the woman in need had a team of first responders on hand. Together the group of helpers administered CPR, as well as an automated external defibrillator in an attempt to revive the woman.

16. Caught On Camera

McDonald’s surveillance cameras from inside of the restaurant caught the events on camera as they transpired. The pair of firefighters could be seen eating inside of the establishment when they were alerted to the commotion going on outside of the McDonald’s.

fast food worker

The Record

“Training took over right away. All of our years, it was automatic,” said Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Lt. Lazaro Fernandez, who was on the scene when the event occurred. Luckily for the woman in need, the help she needed happened to be at the location at the time of the event. But she wasn’t out of the woods yet; she was still in dire need of serious medical attention.

17. Training Kicks In

It was automatic for the first responders. “I just did my job,” Rookie Doral police Officer Chantal Cubela said. “I just did everything I was supposed to do, everything that we’re trained to do. The vehicle began to roll forward through the drive-thru lanes, basically without a driver,” added Miami-Dade Police Director, Juan Perez.

fast food worker


“Not only was the woman in serious peril, her children were at risk,” Perez exclaimed. So with the children safely out of harms way, was their mother going to be okay? Pedro’s heart was pounding hard, but all he could do was wait. He had done what he needed to do.

18. More Attention Needed

As it turned out, the mother in need at the McDonald’s drive-thru had gone into cardiac arrest sometime after placing her order at the restaurant with her foot still on the gas. Luckily, the first responders at the scene acted swiftly and managed to save her life, but she still needed to get to a hospital, and fast.

fast food worker

The ambulance quickly arrived and took the woman to Kendall Regional Medical Center, where she underwent a difficult and invasive surgery only a matter of days later. If it weren’t for Pedro and his quick thinking, she might not be alive today. But they were still in for a surprise.

19. Hero Mode

Once local news had caught wind of what happened and watched the surveillance footage, Pedro was interviewed and praised for his heroic efforts. “If I would have had to die to save that woman, I would have done it. My brain was on hero mode,” he said. He jumped into action without any regards for his personal welfare, and was determined to do something to help the poor woman in distress without thinking twice.

fast food worker

But not only was Pedro determined that day, he felt that it was his duty as one human being helping another. And that particular human being whom he saved turned out to be someone very surprising, someone important to the community, but of course, he had no idea.

20. Shocking News

As it happened, the woman and mother that Pedro Viloria saved that Tuesday in March was an off-duty Miami-Dade police woman. Pedro was shocked when he found out the news. “I saved an officer’s life? I can’t believe this,” he told reporters.

fast food worker

But Pedro wasn’t about to take all of the credit for himself. He added that the real heroes were the fire rescuers who just happened to be at the McDonald’s location that fateful day. Yet still, Pedro was hailed as not only a local hero in the Miami area but also back in his native Venezuela, something that completely surprised him.

21. More Than One Hero

A McDonald’s spokesperson released a statement after the event occurred at one of their locations to praise Pedro and offer the family well wishes. The team and Pedro’s managers were so proud of their excellent employee, and they really believed they had to make a big deal out of it in the news.

fast food worker


“I think I speak for our McDonald’s family when I say how proud we are of Pedro. He is an excellent employee, so it didn’t surprise me that he took immediate action and jumped through a window to help save this woman,” the statement read. However, Pedro wasn’t the only McDonald’s employee who stepped up that day.

22. An Unsung Hero

Apparently, a second McDonald’s employee also assisted with providing the off-duty Miami-Dade policewoman with lifesaving CPR skills. The employee however asked to remain nameless. But that didn’t stop the Mayor’s office from holding a celebration in honor of everyone involved in the rescue.

fast food worker


Pedro and the other paramedics on scene, as well as the unnamed employee, were honored by the mayor for their bravery and courageous work. Pedro stated that he was both honored and humbled by the recognition, not only for himself, but for everyone involved. He hoped to inspire others to do the same should the need arise.

23. Faith In Humanity

“They are all heroes, and they all are destined to keep on helping others. This, you know, restores my faith in humanity,” Pedro said at the prize giving ceremony. Even the Doral city police officer Chantel Cubela who works with the injured mother and off-duty policewoman, stated that she was overwhelmed by their reception.

fast food worker

“I’m not used to this attention. It’s honorable but we’re much more concerned and happy with the fact that she’s doing better,” Cubela proclaimed. They decided not to release her name to the public out of respect for the family. At this point, she was in stable condition. But this wasn’t all that was in store for Pedro after his heroic act.

24. In The Face of Chaos

Pedro told reporters that the event restored his faith that people are generally good by nature and reminded him of the value of helping other people. He even went as far as to say that he was looking into a career as a firefighter due to the incident and everything he experienced along with it.

fast food worker

To highlight Pedro’s beliefs and statements, police commissioner Perez stated, “They took action in the face of chaos when they could have walked away. Their combined efforts of jumping through a window, performing CPR, using an AED, and all the other life-saving measures, I strongly believe, and we know, saved a life.” But there was someone else very important at the ceremony that really made Pedro feel like it was all worth it.

25. Moving On

Pedro’s doting mother was at the ceremony with him and told reporters that she hoped he would return to school. To make things even more exciting for his mother, the mayor’s office stated that they would be contacting Pedro personally about an internship position in their office.

fast food worker


Pedro, while appreciating the gesture, apparently turned down the offer and returned to design school where he finally completed his degree at Miami International University of Art and Design. Currently, he is working as a freelance 3D and 2D designer in the Miami area, but will always fondly remember his days as an outstanding McDonald’s employee.

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