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Father Of 9 Adopted Kids With Special Needs Builds Snow Fort For Daughter, Inspiring The Internet

Every parent wants their child to have fun, especially when it’s snowing. But Gregg Eichhorn’s daughter, Zahara, had some restrictions due to her disabilities as a result of cerebral palsy. It didn’t seem like she could participate in the January 2019 “snow day” fun. That was, until Eichhorn decided to build her an igloo so she could have the snow day she had always wanted.

Not Left Out Of The Fun

Eichhorn wanted his oldest daughter, 19, to participate in the fun of playing in the snow along with her eight younger siblings. The Cincinnati, Ohio father built a wheelchair-accessible igloo so Zahar, whom the family adopted from Uganda when she was 13, a could roll right into the family’s supersized snow fort. While Zahara is non-verbal, Eichhorn knew she was having fun from the expression on her face.

“Her face lit up. She got super excited,” Eichhorn shared. “I think she felt like a movie star.” But Eichhorn didn’t build the igloo on his own. Instead, the whole family helped with the project.

A Family Effort

Zahara’s younger sister, Sarah, pitched in to help build the igloo, along with the whole family. Eichhorn and his wife, Katie, have nine adopted children and all of them have special needs. “We adopt all medical and special needs kids because it seems like those are the kids where they have the hardest time finding homes for them,” Eichhorn said.

Zahara’s younger brother, Elijah, also uses a wheelchair and enjoyed playing inside the igloo, as well. All of the siblings loved playing together in the snow. “They think it’s really neat,” Eichhorn commented.

Inspiring Others

Eichhorn’s actions have now been considered “heart-warming” on social media, inspiring others to “be like Gregg.” After a reported friend of Gregg’s uploaded the account to Reddit, it went viral on with more than 70,000 up-votes on the social media platform. But according to Eichhorn, he didn’t do the project for fame or glory.

“I’m not that special. I just enjoyed creating it [the igloo] with my children,” he said. The smile on his daughter’s face was all worth it. The story has inspired others to include everyone, especially those with disabilities, in every adventure.

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