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Father And Son On Hunting Trip End Up Saving Missing Girl Lost In The Woods

The woods can be a scary place for anyone. The pitch black nights and spooky sounds coming for everywhere around you, it is not the kind of place you want to find yourself alone and unprepared. For one 19-year-old girl, this became her worst nightmare.

For The Love Of Hunting

Ryle Gordon loves hunting with his stepfather Chris Trumbich. So much in fact, that every year in November they head up to a cabin located in Hyden, Idaho to spend some time together and hunt game.

Expecting to spend a relaxing weekend together, Ryle and Chris soon discovered that their trip would be put on hold. The duo came across an orange vest search effort to find a missing teenage girl lost in the woods.

The Search Was On

Rescuers were looking for nineteen-year-old Katherine Ogle, who was believed to be missing somewhere in the woods of Hayden. A search hard enough as it made even more difficult due to a mental condition Katherine suffered from. Leaving her with the cognitive development of a 10-year-old.

After speaking with rescuers, Ryle and Chris promised to keep an eye out for the missing girl. A promise held true after the pair discovered the word ‘help’ carved into the dirt. Call it hunters intuition, but Chris had a gut feeling Katherine was close by.

Quick Thinking Saves The Day

Though night fast approached and helicopters were grounded, Chris and Ryle continued in their search. Making it to their cabin, they found signs that someone was stirring through their belongings. This could only mean one thing, that Katharine was not too far from them.

Unable to hear through the sounds of engines, rescuers turned them off and called out into the woods. They were soon met by a faint ‘hello?’. Katherine was found in a sleeping bag not far from Ryle and Chris’s hunting cabin. Although shaken up, she sustained no serious injuries. A happy ending aided by the help of a young boy and his stepfather.

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