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Father Brought To Tears By Thoughtful Voicemail Gift That Preserves Memory Of His Late Mother

Christmas is a time for love and remembrance of the ones we love. Still, it is inevitable that we will lose someone we are close to, making the holidays a tough and emotional time to deal with. One father was brought to tears when he opened a special gift from his daughters.

Losing A Loved One

A Twitter user in North Caroline by the name of Melia shared an emotional video of the moment she and her sister gave their father an extraordinary gift on Christmas, one that has touched a lot of hearts this Christmas season.


“My dad refuses to get an iPhone because a voicemail from his mom that passed away won’t transfer from an android.” She wrote in the post “so me and my sister put it in a bear. Merry Christmas dad.”

Emotional Moment

The video shows the girl’s father opening a box and removing the special bear. Though you can’t hear what the message says, it is clear that their father is very appriciate of the gift. Brought to tears, in fact, upon pressing the button and listening to the message.

Indy 100

It was not just the family who held this moment in a special place. Over three million people watched the video on Twitter after it was posted. Many of them posting personal experiences and emotional reactions to the clip.

Special Connection

One user on Twitter named Gracie wrote “This is the most precious thing I have ever seen,” in response to the video. Another user named Picabelle wrote, “So, so thoughtful.”

Geeks Blog

The posting of the video garned a host of similar stories as well, with one user writing, “I still refuse to clear my FB messenger history because my grandfather’s last messages to me,” proving that even in their absence the memories we hold true with our loved ones will never be forgot.

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