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This Video Proves A Father’s Love Can Be Felt Even When It Can’t Be Heard

It’s said that there are few moments more emotional than holding your newborn baby in your arms for the first time. Many parents describe that moment as a time when they are overcome with feelings of awe and joy. But for some parents, those precious moments are followed by distressing news.

Bad News

In the hours after the birth of Zach Oxendine’s son, he and his wife got the sad news that their precious baby had cerebral palsy.

Their baby, Judah, had been born very premature and had to stay at the hospital for six months. After that trying ordeal, doctors finally declared the child healthy enough to go home for the first time. Three years have passed, and the family has showered Judah with the love that he needs. Recently, a particularly touching moment between Judah and his father went viral for all the right reasons.

A Beautiful Moment

Zach loves singing to his son, and his mother caught a particularly precious serenade on tape.

As Zach sang, his precious baby, who is deaf, smiled at him. The emotion proved to be too much for the young father. He couldn’t finish the song because he broke down in tears as he held his son close. Although Judah can’t hear his father, he can see and feel his love. He’s clearly aware of their precious bond.

A Beautiful Song

As if the moment wasn’t touching enough, the lyrics to the song, “Boy” by Lee Brice, are enough to make anyone cry. One line says, “It’s 3 a.m. and I’d do anything to get you back to sleep / and that face will be the same one in the rear-view / the day I watch you leave.”

The family hopes a cochlear implant will help Judah hear. Until then, you can watch the touching video below.

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