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Neighbors Install Door In Fence So Dog ‘Soulmates’ Can Have Unlimited Playdates

Most dogs are really loyal and loving to their human families, but often develop a strong bond with other canines as well. In fact, these two dogs couldn’t bear to be away from each other for too long! They literally clawed and scratched to see each other, and their owners finally realized that these two were true soulmates. So they came up with a very creative way for the dogs to see each other whenever they wanted…

Two Loving Families

Stray dog Potate, or Tate, found a forever home with Hailee Graham and her family after wandering the streets. The Grahams had a next-door neighbor who had also brought a rescue dog home around the same time. The dog, Vernon, turned out to be the same age as Tate. While Tate and Vernon had both found the families they so desperately needed, no one knew the intense bond that these two would ultimately share…

Doggy Soulmates

After their first meeting, Tate and Vernon had an instant connection. Even though there was a fence between them, their doggy senses could easily pick up when the other was near. The two dogs desperately tried to see each other every chance they had. In fact, Tate and Vernon soon devised their own plan to get to each other in spite of that pesky fence!

Digging For Love

Though the dogs clearly had an unbreakable bond, the fence was the major thing standing in their way… literally. So both Tate and Vernon would dig holes under the fence to slide through to the other side. Hailee tried so hard to get to them to stop, even considering daily playdates for the two to have fun together without destroying lawns. But then she came up with an even better idea!

A Simple Solution

A unique but simple solution to this problem? A doggy door! The neighboring families agreed to build a doggy door in their fence so Tate and Vernon could play whenever they wanted. It would be a win-win. Tate and Vernon would get their time together, and Hailee and her neighbors wouldn’t have to patch up their grass! And the dogs seem to be loving the idea…

Unlimited Playdates

With this new doggy door, Tate and Vernon constantly hang out together, continuing their strong bond to this day. They clearly would’ve found their way to each other regardless, but this is definitely easier. And, though the families are unsure if the dogs are truly “in love,”  deep down they believe that these two canines are a doggy match in heaven!

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