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50 Engineers Designed This Fidget Spinner and It’s Breaking World Records

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MinebeaMitsumi Inc., a Japanese manufacturer of electronic components, and Mitsubishi assigned 50 of their engineers to design the perfect fidget spinner. After six months, they managed to create a toy that would go on to beat the world record for longest spin.

Fidget Spinners

Rising to popularity in April of 2017, the fidget spinner was actually designed in 2014 by Scott McCoskery to help him cope with business meetings. In 2017, they were marketed toward kids as toys and were claimed to be effective in calming people with neurological disorders like ADHD and autism.

Those claims have never been scientifically proven, but that didn’t stop the fidget spinners from becoming wildly popular. They became so popular that schools banned them because they were such a distraction.

Fidget Design

Fidget spinners are made of plastic or metal and usually have two or three lobes which revolve around a center. The user of the toy holds the center or balances the center on their finger, spins the pedals and it spins around and around. A well-designed fidget spinner has a bearing located in the center and two or three weights at the ends of each of the lobes, allowing it to stay balanced and letting it continually spin.

The MinebeaMitsumi Inc. fidget spinner creation concentrated on a smooth design with a light center and a heavier weight on the outside to maximize its spin ability. 

Fidget World Record

One of the MinebeaMitsumi Inc. employees, Takayuki Ishikawa, volunteered to try and beat the world record for longest fidget spin with their spinner six months in the making. He balanced the impressive fidget spinner on one finger and held the spinning toy for 24 minutes and 46.34 seconds, beating the previous record by almost 20 minutes!

Notice how he starts trembling after just a few minutes, but he held on to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records. Now that’s impressive!

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