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Firefighter Delivers Pizza To An Unsuspecting Customer After Crash

When the Henrietta Fire Department in New York answered a call for a car crash in their district, they noticed the victim was a pizza delivery guy. After they took care of those involved in the accident, they realized something. That car crash was preventing the recipient of that pizza from receiving his pie, and Henrietta Engine 642 wasn’t going to let that happen.

An Unfortunate Event

One cloudy afternoon, a pizza was ordered. Once the fresh, hot pizza was out of the oven, it was loaded into a pizza delivery vehicle. On the way to deliver the delicious pie, the driver was involved in an accident.

When the fire department arrived at the scene, they assessed the driver and got him to safety, but there was still an undelivered pizza getting colder by the minute.

No Pizza Goes Undelivered

The crew from Henrietta Engine 642 found this unacceptable. There was a person waiting for that pie! So, after the crew took care of the driver and loaded him up in the waiting ambulance for transport to the hospital, they grabbed the pizza.

With the pizza loaded into their fire engine, the crew headed right down the road to the pizza’s original destination.

A Satisfied Customer

When the customer answered the door, he was a little confused to find the pizza delivery man was a firefighter. When he caught sight of the fire truck outside, he asked what happened and was told the driver couldn’t make it, but the fire department could.

Both the fireman and the customer were amused by the situation and the man was more than happy to receive his dinner. No one knows better than a fireman that a good hot meal can make your day, and this hungry man agreed. Just goes to show that some people really will go out of their way for others!

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