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Firefighter Rescues Cat From Paradise Fire And Now It Refuses To Leave His Side

Listen. I know we have all the feels from Christmas commercials, but brace yourself for another mushy moment. Especially if you love animals. A firefighter rescued a cat from the fire in Paradise, California, and now the kitty refuses to leave his side. We’re not crying, you are.

Two Weeks of Devastation

The Camp Fire, the deadly fire that raged across California began on the evening of November 8 in Butte County, California. Named after Camp Creek Road, believed to be the origin of the fire, this tragedy now claims its place in history as the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California’s history.

Noah Berger, Associated Press

It took a firefighters seventeen days to full contain the Camp Fire. During those horrific two weeks, the wildfire claimed at least 85 lives, spread over 53,336 acres, and it’s estimated to have destroyed 18,804 structures. While the wildfire blazed, 52,000 people were evacuated. The damage as estimated by insurance companies is a figure ranging between $7.5-10 billion.

It’s a Meow-racle

Firefighter Ryan Coleman found a sign of life when digging through the rubble of a decimated home: a fluffy gray cat. In a video Coleman posted to his Facebook page, the hero filmed his new feline friend perched on his shoulder.


The cat obviously felt extreme gratitude for his rescuer. In the video, the cat clings to Coleman, burying his head into the firefighter’s face. “Let’s go for a walk,” Coleman says to the cat, “Where we going? We’re walking around.”

Rebuilding After A Tragedy

The cat isn’t the only one who feels grateful to his savior. Along with the First Responders, there are hundreds of stories of heroism during this tragic disaster.

Kathleen Ronayne, AP

Now that the fire has been contained, officials can get an accurate sense of the damange and account for most of the people reported missing. Sadly, the town of Paradise needs to be entirely rebuilt. Still, many evacuees are grateful for their lives. And as the cat proves, it’s always helpful to have a shoulder to lean on.

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