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Firefighters Rescue Lost Donkeys Fleeing California Wildfire And It’s The Sweetest Thing

The animals left behind in California’s terrifying wildfires must face some frightening circumstances to try to stay alive. Fortunately, there are plenty of people hard at work to rescue pets, livestock, and wild animals fighting for their lives…including an amazing duo of firemen that went above and beyond to rescue a pair of donkeys.

Fighting The Frightening Blaze

November 2018 has born witness to some of the most devastating wildfires in California’s history, including the tragic Camp Fire. It’s eaten up Paradise, California and surrounding towns, destroying the landscape and leading to mass evacuations where it’s flames have reached. However, there are some creatures who have had a harder time escaping the blaze than others.

Sacramento Fire Department/Facebook

While many people have brought along their family pets when evacuating, livestock and wild animals are trickier to rescue from the destruction. Unfortunately, many have gotten left behind to fend for themselves in the frightening terrain. But recently, many kind firefighters have slowed down to help out the voiceless victims of the fire.

A Moment Of Compassion

As both Camp Fire and Woolsey Fire continue to roar in California, firefighters have been hard at work trying to quell the blaze. Along the way, they’ve run into a number of tired animals seeking shelter and support. And when Firefighter Chris Harvey and Fire Chief Gary Loesch ran across two of these frightened, ash-covered creatures, they refused to leave them behind.

Sacramento Fire Department/Facebook

When they reported to Paradise to investigate a car accident produced by a collapsed tree, they didn’t expect to see two figures approaching them through the hazy air. However, moments later, the strange pair came into view: two scared, tired donkeys. Rather than pass them by, the duo of firefighters knew that the creatures were worth helping as much as any human.

Pulling Off A Heroic Rescue

Harvey and Loesch pulled over and approached the animals, who seemed thankful for their company. The donkeys were too exhausted to be frightened of the friendly firemen, especially after the kindness they showed them next. Harvey and Loesch immediately got to work helping the creatures, feeding them apples and letting them lap water from their hands. But they weren’t going to stop at simply feeding and hydrating the donkeys.

Sacramento Fire Department/Facebook

They also placed a call into their base camp, asking that animal control come and rescue the donkeys. But they didn’t just take their word for it. They waited with the grateful donkeys until they arrived, offering lots of pets and reassuring words to the frightened creatures. Thankfully, the donkeys were safely rescued under their watch. They owe their lives to the generosity and patience of two incredibly compassionate firemen who recognized the value in these sweet creatures lives.

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