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Firefighters Rescue Lost Dog Found Stuck In Cliff

A sweet dog named Neguinho went outside his home in Brazil to explore one morning, just like he did every morning. When the end of the day came and Neguinho didn’t come home, his family started to worry. Their dog always found his way home, so they went searching. For days they scoured the area and checked every nook and cranny they could reach, but there was no sign of their family dog.

A Helping Hand

Neguinho’s family refused to give up, but they knew they couldn’t continue on their own, so they called the local fire department. Special rescuers from the Corpo de Bombeiros Militar de Ituporanga arrived ready for the search. They set off into the woods and over the hills looking for the loyal dog for an entire day and came up empty-handed.

Even though the family was losing hope that they would ever see their dog again, firefighters and families don’t give up that easily. So, they kept searching. On day two, they found Neguinho!

A Daring Rescue

No one could believe this dog had survived. Not only had he been without food and water for 6 days, he took a nasty fall off a cliff. The adventurous dog was stuck in a crack on the side of the cliff with no way to free himself, but the rescuers were prepared. They would not let Neguinho or his family down. They devised a rescue plan and set to work tying off their cables and D rings, preparing to scale down the cliff to rescue the trapped and starving dog.

It was a risky mission, but that’s what these firefighter rescuers were trained for. They came to rescue Neguinho, and that’s exactly what they would do.

A Happy Dog

After some coaxing and reassurance, the men freed the dog and brought him down the cliff to safety. The first thing they did was give him some food and water. He wagged his tail and finished every bite! Soon after, they reunited Neguinho to his loving family. It was a tearful reunion for everyone.

The dedication the rescue team showed to bring this dog back home is a testament to the kindness of humanity and shows the unending love between humans and man’s best friend.

Watch the daring rescue!

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Posted by Corpo de Bombeiros Militar de Ituporanga on Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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