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Fisherman Jumps Into Action When He Realizes “Log” In Lake Is More Than It Seems

When people go fishing to relax and get away from it all, the most exciting thing they assume they’ll encounter is a big fish on their line. When a Pennsylvanian fisherman decided to go out on Sunday to  Raystown Lake in Bedford County, little did he know he’d get the shock of his life.

Another Great Day For Fishing

Brad Meck was enjoying a peaceful moment in his boat fishing when something in the water caught his eye. A little bit away from him in the water, a dark object was curiously bobbing up and down.

At first, Brad thought the object was just a log, but then he realized the object was moving in his direction, straight for his boat. Brad braced himself for what was coming next, with hopeful expectations that it was just a beaver.

An Unexpected Passenger

Once the object reached Brad’s boat, the fisherman was in for quite the surprise. What he initially thought was a log, was in fact, a baby bear cub. The poor animal had been separated from its mother and was fighting to keep its head above water.

Not giving it a second thought, Brad immediately scooped the frightened and half-drowned bear cub out of the water. Luckily, the grateful bear cub didn’t bite Brad but was a model passenger. The cub coughed up water, while Brad kept a close watch and made an attempt to contact authorities.

Safe And Sound And Dry

Unfortunately, without cell service to contact wildlife officials, Brad took matters into his own hands. The fisherman had noted the direction the bear cub was swimming away from and decided to drop off the rescued bear back on the bank.

Brad hoped that the cub and its mother would soon reunite, as the mom would probably be close by, worried for her offspring. Luckily, Brad managed to save the life of a bear cub without suffering a bite, or an angry mama bear.

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