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How A Fisherman’s Encounter With Bald Eagles Re-ignited A Conservation Effort

An Alaskan fisherman, Jessie Peck, was bringing in his fish haul on an overcast day when he noticed a flock of birds on the pier. These weren’t the ordinary seabirds he encounters and feeds on a regular basis, they were bald eagles. They were hoping Jessie would share his fish with them, so he did.

A Majestic Endangered Species

Bald eagles have been on the endangered species list since the 1970’s. Unfortunately, they were seen by farmers as a nuisance. As magnificent and beautiful these birds of prey are their populations ebb and flow. Although they’re protected, that doesn’t always mean they’re safe from humans.

(Jesse Tinsley / The Spokesman-Review

When Jessie docked, he was surprised to find an entire flock waiting for him to unload his catch of the day.

A Visit To A Fisherman

Jessie was honored to have such a welcome when he arrived. He was used to birds visiting his boats, and he usually shared some fish with his visitors. It was unusual to find bald eagles waiting for scraps, but Jessie did what he always does. He reached into his bucket for some fish, and he offered it to the hungry birds.


The Eagles were wary of Jessie, so they wouldn’t take the fish from his hand, but they had no problem cleaning the fish off the dock. Jessie knew this was a rare and spectacular occurrence, so luckily he got the whole thing on film.

A Newfound Conservation Advocate

When Jessie shared his video on YouTube, he had no idea how far the news would spread. His personal encounter with the Bald Eagles brought their constant fate to the forefront. He’s hoping that by sharing his story, he can inspire others to be active in the conservation efforts to restore the Eagle population.


He also hopes he gets a visit from his new friends again. If he does, he has some scraps waiting for them, and he’s always willing to share with his feathered friends.

Watch Jessie feed his eagle friends!

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