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Fishermen Spot Strange Creature Floating on Iceberg

One cloudy morning, three fishermen set sail off the coast of Labrador, Canada. They planned to spend the day fishing and enjoying the day when off in the distance they noticed something strange. An unidentified creature was laying on a floating iceberg, miles away from land. Mallory Harrigan, Cliff Russell, and Alan Russell sailed out to investigate.

An Unidentified Creature

As they got closer, the trio finally recognized the creature. It didn’t belong in the sea and looked like it was on its last legs. It was an arctic fox! He must have traveled over the ice for a meal and gotten trapped.

Alan Russell

The chunk of ice broke off and was pulled out by the current. By the time the fox realized where he was, it was too late (and too cold) to swim to shore.

A Dangerous Rescue Mission

The crewman had to do something. They couldn’t leave the poor fox to die out there on the open sea. It took a lot of effort to get the frightened and starving fox on their boat, but they finally did. The fox wasn’t too happy with his accommodations and cowered in the corner.

Bored Panda

That is until the fisherman offered him some sausages. He gladly accepted them and after he ate, the fox slept while the kind fishermen took him to land.

A Grateful Arctic Fox

When the crew landed with the fox, they fed him a little more and let him go. He ran off quickly, happy to be on dry land once again. One of the fishermen, Mallory Harrigan, says she sees the animal from time to time. All around William’s Harbour, there are dog houses, and the fox likes to take shelter in them.

Environmental Biogeochemistry Lab

The arctic fox stays away from the sea now. He’s learned not to stray too far for a meal. Hopefully, he also knows he was lucky three caring fishermen happened to be sailing by on that cloudy morning, and he’s grateful to be alive.

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