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This Latest Fitness Craze From Australia Is Taking The World By Storm

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If you’re looking for an intense workout to burn calories in a short amount of time, look no further. This new fitness craze from Australia might just do the trick. Launched in 2014, F45 Training classes use a variety of strength and cardio exercises that are meant to burn 750 calories in just one session! This challenging but captivating workout recently came over the United States and is already making waves.


The “F” in F45 stands for “functional” and “45” is the number of minutes that clients spend in the class. All F45 Training classes are 45 minutes but incorporate high-intensity interval training (HIIT). All of the classes are team-based as each person goes through several exercise stations for a period of time. Circuits consist of various exercises like lifting, squatting, jumping, punching, kicking, rowing, and biking. There is a short time of rest in between exercises but then everyone is on to the next exercise to keep that burn going. F45 has 27 distinct workout sessions (more are in development) from a library of over 3,000 exercises. With that variety, classes are never the same. Though the workout is challenging, F45 strives to foster a “team environment,” The formula has indeed been successful with 350 franchises in its native land. “What we started [five] years ago as a means to fill a gap in the fitness industry quickly became the largest franchise concept ever born in Australia,” said Rob Deutsch, founder and CEO of F45 Training, via a press release.

Spreading Fitness

F45 mania has since spread to 40 countries with more than 1,500 franchises in countries like Sweden, Estonia, and Wales. The craze has also landed in the United States. The fitness company now has franchises set up all across the U.S., primarily in Southern California, across Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. Other franchises have opened or will be opening in many states across the country including New York, Texas, Illinois Maryland, and even Alaska! A part of the brand’s huge success is based on the results the HIIT workout brings customers, but another huge reason is the team environment that F45 fosters. “I could see team training was exploding and people needed buddies for their next session,” Rob shared in an interview with Forbes. “I think a big thing in the longevity of health and fitness is having a ‘buddy system’ and feeling part of a team––like going back to the old sporting days: feeling part of a community. That’s what makes F45 very special. Every member feels part of a very unique community and that’s what gets them coming back.”

Checking The Price Tag

Since franchises are individually owned, each location will undoubtedly have different pricing, deals, and management styles. A weekly F45 membership can cost around $60-65 with individual pricing per class based on location. However, many locations offer a free trial so potential customers are able to try a class or two before diving in. Though this cost can be more expensive than a monthly gym membership, statistics show that many gym members almost never go to the gym on their own unless they get some motivation from a trainer or through a group class. F45 could then be a great replacement especially since it rounds out to be less than personal training sessions which can cost upwards to $50-$100 per session. “F45 clients around the world, on average, come to 3.25 classes per week,” Rob revealed of the brand. “So break it down on a per session basis — if you’re paying let’s say $60 a week, and you’re coming 3.25 times per week, it’s under $20 a session.” Worth the bucks!

Take an inside look at what F45 offers below.

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