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Five Kids Who Are Cooler Than Adults Will Ever Be

It’s no doubt that children can be incredibly adorable at times. They sometimes surprise you with the wild, imaginative things they come up with, which parents love to share on social media. We have selected five children who might possibly be better at life than most adults. Can you believe what these kids are doing?

Ruling At Dress-Up Day

This photo circulated around social media of a child who decided to dress up like a hot dog for her dance class. She was supposed to dress up as a princess. Supposedly, a hot dog is a princess to her. This is an adorable photo if we’ve ever seen one.

Twitter via @graysonl3

A Future Beautician

This little girl is already on her way to becoming a beautician. Did she practice with humans? No, of course not. She decided to paint her dog’s toenails, which was a surprising sight for her mother. The mother posted on social media, “When your child and your dog disappear upstairs for an hour, you should totally be suspicious.”

Twitter via @KateOfHysteria

Love At First Sight

Everyone should find someone who looks at them the way this little boy is looking at bottles of ketchup at the grocery store. He looks so content and happy, as though he has just discovered the wonders of the universe. We hope he was able to bring home a bottle of ketchup after admiring it for so long.

Twitter via @13adh13

Future Career Plans

Have you ever seen something more adorable than this? Kids say the wildest things for their yearbook captions. For example, this kid wants to grow up to become a dog. While this is an impossible dream, we can’t fault the child for wanting to be like man’s best friend. It’s no doubt an adorable career plan.

Imgur via me_irl

Smarter Than You Think

Kids are smarter than you probably think. As a parent shared, his daughter figured out the best way to contact him for a question. She studied his habits and wrote her question on his newspaper, knowing he would look at it. Now we have a question: Did she get her puppy?

Twitter via @bhgreeley

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