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Five Kitchen Storage Life Hacks That Will Save You Loads Of Space

The kitchen can be one of the most challenging areas of the house to organize. Spices spilling everywhere. Plastic containers falling over under the sink. Hard-to-find plates, towels, and cups. The challenges just beg for a creative solution. And don’t even talk about pot lids. Luckily, we’ve got five kitchen hacks that can help you the next time you decide to take an afternoon to put everything in its place.

Use A Letter Sorter For Pot Lids

An inexpensive letter sorter that is typically found on your desk can do double duty as the perfect way to keep your pot lids in order. You may need multiple sorters to keep all of your lids in place, but they can be cheaply found at any office supply store.

Store Root Vegetables In Removable Basket Drawers

Some veggies don’t go in the refrigerator. Typically these are root vegetables like potatoes, onions, peppers, and garlic. A lot of times and they’re stored somewhere like the top of a refrigerator or a high, dark shelf that’s hard to reach and makes a big, dusty mess. These basket drawers change that. They make root vegetables easy to reach and easy to contain.

Use Old Media Storage Shelving To Hold Small Kitchen Items

What do you do with all of the racks that used to hold your dusty CD’s and DVDs? Now that your music is available on digital download, put your media storage to a different use. If you lay them across your pantry they can help organize pasta boxes, seasoning packets, and more.

Make Sure Your Island Has Storage

If you’ve got an island and it doesn’t have storage, you’re wasting space. Even if your island is a converted table, you can still add some shelving underneath or add a few hooks to hang pots or towels. Most island areas can hold everything from wine bottles. to plates and cups, kitchen linens, and utensils.

Extra Baskets Keep Things Organized

The storage under your sink can be one of the biggest organization nightmares. Smaller containers and boxes are your best solution for this area. Use them to store similar things together and to keep bottles from tipping over and knocking into something else. This will prevent spills and help you reach and grab whatever you need easily.

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