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Flight Attendant Wows Entire Plane with Hilarious Dance

If you’ve ever flown, you’ll know that there’s one thing that you simply cannot escape during the flight. It’s the droning, dull safety presentation you have to go through at the beginning.

Teaching people to put on a seatbelt and use an oxygen mask is necessary but not fun. Until someone finally started using their imagination.

Nicholas Demore Decided To Shake Things Up

The flight crew doesn’t enjoy giving that presentation any more than you enjoy watching it. They know that a lot of people have seen it many times before and aren’t paying attention but what can they do? It’s important.

Nicholas Demore of Southwest Airlines knows that but knew it needed something extra.

How To Become An Overnight Internet Sensation

Nicholas was on flight 1597 from Dallas to the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas, when he turned that safety presentation into a sexy dance with a seat belt.

It is a remarkably self-aware moment in which Nicholas pouts, shakes his hips and hollers out the emergency evacuation protocols.

Getting Close To The Seat Belt

The most compelling moment is when Nicholas decides to get coquettishly suggestive with a seat belt.

He follows this with a huge wink to the audience before seductively fanning himself with a safety card.

Nobody Was Expecting It

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this was a setup, but the evidence says not and you can see one of his colleagues collapse laughing during the skit.

Samantha Lynch Kitner, who filmed Nicholas, says: “Everyone thought he was hilarious. He was funny throughout the flight.”

You don’t have to take her word for it though, check Nicholas out below:

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