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Displaced Flood Survivors Find Shelter in a Houston Furniture Store

Jim McIngvale, also known as Mattress Mack, a Houston furniture shop owner, opened his doors to displaced flood victims of recent hurricane Harvey. The store owner’s move to provide shelter to children and families who fell victim to the devastating flooding around Texas proves that there are establishments who are not just out to generate income, but demonstrate a remarkable acts of kindness and humanity too.

The store owner has allowed more than 400 people, mostly families with young children and old people to temporarily stay in the store. McIngvale posted a video on the company’s Facebook page saying: “We’ve got lots of bed, we’ve got lots of food, we got water, and you can bring your animals.”

The devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey has left hundreds of people without a home around Texas because of flooding. This perfect example of kindness during a calamity shows how good the world is and is far greater than controversial issues which separate the country.

McIngvale did not just welcome victims into his furniture stores, but also sent out trucks to look for stranded people in need of a safe passage. CBS reported that the humanitarian business owner said “I’m part capitalist and part social worker and this is what I like to do. I’m worried about these people. I’m worried about the business. I’m worried about the community.”

This is not the first time McIngvale provided a safe haven for displaced flood victims. When hurricane Katrina hit Texas in 2005, the store owner also provided furniture supplies to families in need. He has also been actively involved with several causes including providing furniture to teacher’s lounges around the Houston area.

McIngvale’s remarkable deed is never forgotten but instead bounces back and ripples to other good deeds like that of Roberta Lee, an evacuee who has been helping out as much as she can while staying at the store.

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