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Florida Grandpa Who Kicked Gator To Save Dog Is Hailed A Hero

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Alligators have gained a fearsome reputation because of the damage they can inflict to animals and humans.  A 75-year-old Florida man dog-sitting for his daughter received the shock of a lifetime from an eight-foot gator. While taking a walk around the property nearby a pond, Buddy Ackerman and his daughter’s dog Osi narrowly survived an attack. Luckily, Buddy was ready to defend the canine to the teeth. He bravely fought the alligator to release the frightened dog. In a place like Florida, encounters with dangerous wildlife are rare, but they can and do happen. Preparation is a must to survive the unexpected.

Living Among Florida’s Wild

Seventy-five-year-old Buddy Ackerman resides at the Palm Harbor Condominium in Florida. While his daughter Jody Ackerman was away on vacation, she entrusted the care of her pooch to her dad. Buddy and his daughter’s golden retriever, Osi, have a fantastic relationship. While on holiday, Jody had no idea what the future had in store for her beloved dog or dad.

Buddy and Osi both enjoy taking long walks together. Not only is it helpful for exercise, but it strengthens the bond between the duo. Since there was a pond not too far from Buddy’s home, the senior citizen thought it would be a great place to take Osi for a stroll. When Osi stopped by the pond to relieve himself, Buddy spotted a ripple in the water. Buddy knew that trouble was on the way; Suddenly, an alligator exploded out of the water, lunging at the vulnerable dog.

Ultimate Tug Of War

Poor Osi managed to get nipped by the alligator on his backside, leading to him whimpering in pain and shock. Not one to be easily frightened by the situation, Buddy decided to fight the gator. While the dog lay helpless in the gator’s powerful jaws, Buddy kicked the reptile’s snout repeatedly until it let go of it’s intended prey. Armed with nothing more than nerve and adrenaline, Mr. Ackerman was willing to battle it out with the wild beast.

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After sustaining enough blows, the alligator released Osi relatively unscathed but shaken. Osi did not sustain any severe injuries from the gator, and Buddy was unharmed in the process. Online Twitter, users like Daniel Simpson @realdanosimp3, commented, “Those ole badasses still got it in ’em!” Bettie Evans, under the handle @BettieE04243118, responded, “We will do a lot to save a best friend!”

Catch And Release

Following the surprise gator attack, Buddy contacted his daughter to let her know both he and Osi were safe. Jody was shocked to hear the news, but she was relieved that her family was okay. The Florida Fish and Wildlife services was contacted regarding the alligator. The wild animal was able to safely detain the alligator and release it to another location, far from the condominium. Luckily for most residents in Florida, an alligator attack is a rare occurrence. According to The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, there have only been 24 fatal attacks involving alligator since 1973.

When Buddy and Osi were having their morning stroll, it was still a bit dark out and difficult to notice an oncoming alligator. Alligators are dangerous animals that should not be provoked, and they typically avoid humans. Anyone near standing water should take caution in case alligators are laying in wait. Thanks to increasing human activities that reduce sources of food and habitat area for alligators, there has been a notable rise in bites and attacks. If faced with an alligator, it is best to run away. If you are unable to get away from a gator, it is helpful to strike the snout, eyes and put up a good fight avoiding the jaws and teeth.

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