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Florida Mom’s Amateur Painting Incites A Sidesplitting Sensation On Social Media

After a mother took a painting class with a friend, she wasn’t confident anyone would see any artistic merit in her painting of an egret. Leave it to social media and a teenager to quickly make someone Internet-famous. A Reddit post boosted a Florida schoolteacher’s painting into a viral phenomenon overnight.

A Reddit Art Debut

A post on the Internet can change someone’s life in an instant, as evidenced by a photo placed on the social media platform Reddit. Cindi Decker wasn’t a professional world renown artist, but after she downplayed her creative skills, her son decided to let online users give their two cents.

Matthew Decker / Reddit

Within a few short hours, over 24,000 Redditors upvoted a photo of the proud mom holding her painting. Little did Cindi and her son realize, but that Reddit post was going to inspire countless artists to unleash their painting skills.

A Painting Meme Is Born

The creation of a painting within a painting is also known as the Droste effect. Thanks to the power of the Internet, Cindi Decker and her egret painting quickly evolved into something amazing. After Kristoffer Zetterstrand saw Matthew’s Reddit post, he was moved to paint the photo of Cindi holding her egret painting.


Kristoffer Zetterstrand is an artist based in Sweden and is famous for his paintings in Minecraft. Artists from all around their world thought it would be a neat idea to copy Kristoffer, and created mirror paintings of the artists that participated in the meme.

For Art’s Sake

Instead of getting lots of hateful comments for her artistic endeavor, Cindi was surprised to see so much positive support. Zetterstrand had this to say about his post of Matthew’s mom holding her painting, “…I thought it might be entertaining to post a picture of me holding it…on Reddit…”


The enormous response that followed was “hilarious and weird,” as thousands of people gave upvotes and left comments. As a result of this zany Internet painting meme, Zetterstrand and Cindi Decker made an exchange. The professional artist based in Stockholm gave Cindi the painting based on her photo, and Cindi gave Kristoffer a hand-knit hat.

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