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This Florida Mom’s Bird Painting Started A Hilarious Internet Chain Reaction

What started out as a fun night out with friends for Cindi Decker soon turned into a worldwide internet sensation. What sort of scandalous activity did she take part in to gain such attention? Well, none. She just painted a perfectly innocent picture of an egret– but the people of the internet loved it.

Who Is Cindi Decker?

Cindi, dubbed “one of the most popular mothers on Reddit” by the BBC, is really just a regular mom living in Florida. She’s a school teacher, not an artist, and in fact, her now-infamous egret was only her second painting ever.


When she went to a painting class with a friend in January of 2019, she had no idea that she’d soon be the internet’s newest meme – but when she arrived home and lamented that “no one would like” her painting, her teenage son posted a photo to Reddit in an effort to prove her wrong.

What happened next was pure Internet gold.

Cindi Decker Gets Upvoted Into Fame

After Cindi’s son, Matthew, shared her photo on Reddit with the caption “My mom painted this and thinks no one will like it. It’s her 2nd painting.”, it quickly received almost 25,000 upvotes. And that was just the beginning.

Indy Star

The next day, Swedish artist Kristoffer Zetterstrand posted a photo of himself holding a painting he had done of Cindi holding her painting. Over the next few days, dozens more artists posted similiar photos– each one of the artists before them holding a painting of someone else holding a painting of Cindi and her canvas. Can it get more meta? By the end, literal flow charts were needed to keep track of all the different iterations.

Where Is The Painting Now?

Zetterstrand mailed his painting to Cindi in the United States: Reddit’s honorary mom now owns a painting of herself holding a painting. Pretty meta, right?


Will this new development start “paintception” two? Only time will tell.

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