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Animals So Fluffy You’ll Want To Hug Them All Day

It’s human nature when we see something that looks fluffy and soft — we want to touch it. Better yet, we want to pick it up and hold it close. So, when we see adorable animals that are fluffy and cute, it’s hard for us to resist. Look at these soft and fluffy animals and see if you could keep your hands to yourself!

Displaying Affection

This little girl’s family dog is so fluffy and adorable, she can’t help but hug him no matter where they are. Can you believe he’s hugging her back? No one could resist that thick wavy hair and fluffy face! What a sweet dog. It’s no surprise he gets lots of love.

Tail & Fur

A Cross-Species Cuddle-Thon

If you came across this 10-year-old yellow lab and his adopted ducklings, there’s no way to resist any of them. Not only is the dog fluffy and huggable, but so are all nine baby ducks. Look how cute!

Good luck getting to them, though — he’s a protective dad.


The Owl & The Pussycat

You’ve heard of The Owl and The Pussycat sailing away in a beautiful pea green boat, but you probably didn’t know these cute puffballs hang out together in real life! These pals might not want any hugs, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to. Imagine how soft they are!


A Ball Of Fluff

The mama albatross would probably never let you near her baby, no matter how much you want to pet its soft feathers. It’s hard to tell where his little body ends and where his fluffiness begins! He looks so cozy, you just want to pick him up and put him in your pocket while he sleeps.

Bored Panda

An Invisible Seal

If you were in the snow, you might trip over this fluffy fellow. It would be hard to pick him out in the frozen tundra. His baby fur looks so fluffy and soft, it’s no wonder manufacturers try to replicate this seal in stuffed animal form. Try as they might, they could never duplicate the softness of the real thing.


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