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Football-Loving Teen Doesn’t Let His Disabilities Hold Him Back, Scores A Touchdown

When Kiernan Johnson scored his first touchdown, he didn’t only earn his team a point – he achieved a personal goal that many never thought possible. But thanks to his loving Texas high school, the young man was able to prove that anything is possible with enough heart and passion.

Refusing To Be An Outcast

When you’re in high school, being “different” from the rest of the crowd can be a nightmare. It can open you up to bullying, teasing, and isolation from your peers. Still, one boy in Texas with developmental delays was recently able to take to the field with his football team and pull off a dream maneuver.

Kieran Johnson has always been a colorful member of El Paso’s Montwood High School football team. Though he’s never actually played in a game before, he served as their greatest hypeman throughout the team member’s high school careers. And as a senior, they gave him an incredible opportunity…one that many thought wouldn’t be possible.

The Football Team’s Biggest Fan

Johnson has Williams Syndrome: a genetic condition causing heart issues, developmental delays, learning disorders, and more. Still, that hasn’t stopped the bright young man from being incredibly involved in the happenings of his high school. In fact, he’s led the football team out onto the field before nearly every one of their games.

The team’s coach, Ariel Famaligi, can’t speak highly enough about Johnson’s passion, determination, and encouragement. “He’s been our loudest supporter, and it’s been his dream for four years to suit up in a varsity football game.” Finally, his dream was fulfilled: Famaligi got Johnson in a jersey and pads and sent him out onto the field to celebrate a senior night game. And the monumental moment that followed his trek onto the field had the crowd in hysterics.

Johnson’s Magic On The Field

A passionate Johnson took to the field with vigor. “He’s fired up, he’s super excited,” Famaligi explained. It certainly showed on the field! In the second quarter, Johnson got his hands on the ball and made an incredible race for the end zone.

Moments later, Johnson scored a touchdown, and his team went absolutely wild. They lifted him up into the air, celebrating the first touchdown of his career. In the center of everyone’s thrill, Johnson was radiant. “All I saw was goal line…I made it baby!” Johnson cheered. “I’m feeling great after that one…I can’t believe this.”

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