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French Family Became The First To Move Into A 3D-Printed Home, And It’s Super Futuristic

Would you jump at the chance to live in a house that was built in under 72 hours? For one family of five in France, living in a 3D printed house became an actual reality. As the need for energy efficient, affordable, and creative housing continues to grow, 3D printing has stepped forward as a solution for the future.

A Disruptor To Traditional Housing

The demand for housing that is cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and durable has shaken up the traditional housing market. From the development of modular housing, wooden high rise buildings, and tiny homes, people are broadening their horizons about how a home should look and function.

As natural resources become strained, architects, politicians, and the public have voiced the need for real working solutions. A priority on housing that has a reduced negative impact on the environment and utilizes creative construction materials and methods has become popular.

Making Waves With Ecologically Sound Structures

3D printing technology can successfully erect a solid housing structure that can be inhabited in under a week’s time. In Nantes, France, the Yhnova project was developed to create a 3D-printed house for a family of five. This family is the first family to ever live in such a structure permanently.

Architects swooned at the opportunity to use 3D printing to develop a home. 3D printing allows for greater energy efficiency, the use of more artful designs, and environmentally friendly construction materials.

A Bright Future For 3D Printing

Considering how many people celebrated the tiny house movement, it’s no surprise that 3D printing has become another viable solution for housing. 3D printing has steadily proven its value and usefulness, successfully developing bionic eyes, shoes, and now homes.

As the human population continues to soar to a record 8 billion people, 3D-printed homes may help create affordable and sustainable housing options. Countries around the world continue to experiment with developing housing projects using 3D printing, modular housing, and varying construction materials.

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