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French’s Came Out With Mustard-Flavored Ice Cream, And The Internet Is Torn

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Don’t be fooled by the inviting bright yellow color. That ice cream you see is not banana or lemon-flavored. French’s has debuted a mustard-flavored ice cream. Yes, you read that right. The limited-edition flavor was made as part of a brand collaboration between French’s and Coolhaus in honor of National Mustard Day. If you have not already been one of the few people to try this zany flavor, you are sadly not going to be able to purchase it anytime soon because it was only sold in select cities. There is another way you can taste it…

Where Was It Sold?

National Mustard Day happened on August 3, 2019, and all of the festivities surrounding this unusual ice cream flavor happened on the week of the third. The ice cream was never sold in big box stores. It could only be purchased in three cities. The Culver City, California Coolhaus location sold the exclusive mustard-flavored ice cream in its storefront. French’s also set up ice cream trucks in the Hamptons and NYC that sold the ice cream. 

At the ice cream trucks, brave patrons could also taste a delectable cookie with a pretzel on top of it. The mustard ice cream and pretzel cookie combination paid fitting homage to the tradition of topping off salted pretzels with French’s mustard. Something about it all seems like an innovative contestants entry into a cooking competition. The most important question must still be answered. Does the ice cream taste good?

How Does It Taste?

Prior to the limited public release of the ice cream, French’s delivered pints to a few food journalists who gave honest reviews of the flavor. After it was sold to the public, a few social media users also chimed in on the weird frozen treat. The ice cream was not flavored solely by mustard. There was another sweet flavor that some have described as cotton candy and others have described as cake batter. The sweet, traditional dessert flavors mixed with the mustard created a sweet and sour effect.

 As far as taste, everyone seems to either love it or hate it. Many said that a few bites were good, but due to the pungency of the mustard, this is not the type of ice cream you want to sit down and eat a whole tub of. Ruby Anderson of Thrillist gave a very relatable description of the unusual flavor. She said that it was reminiscent of the mixture of sweet smells, like funnel cake, and savory smells, like french fries and hot dogs, that a person can sniff at a carnival or street fair. That type of feel and flavor is perfect for the French’s brand because the brand is so closely associated with cookouts, BBQs, and all other forms of outdoor eating. 

How Can You Taste It?

Unfortunately, the release of this highly publicized ice cream was a limited one, but that does not mean you cannot taste it for yourself. Since the company does not have any plans to release mustard ice cream to the mass market, they have posted the recipe online. French’s is encouraging fans to post pictures of their own homemade mustard ice cream to social media. Of course, French’s mustard is the best kind to use to get the unique flavor of the original ice cream.

Perhaps French’s and Coolhaus with treat other cities to mustard ice cream next National Mustard day. French’s competitor, Oscar Mayer, has responded with a lunch meat and sweets inspired ice-cream sandwich. The sandwich is dijon mustard and sweet hot dog flavored, but that’s another weird food combination for another day. Will you be partaking in the mustard ice cream trend? How far will this food war go?

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