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They Used Their Friend’s Ashes As Bait And Caught A Monster Fish

Everyone has at least some idea of what they want to be done with their body after they’re gone.

Some are most comfortable with a coffin in the family plot, while others want ashes scattered in a favorite place. Others are turned into trees or diamonds.

But what these guys did with their friend was really unique

Ron Hopper, Paul Fairbrass, and Cliff Dale had an unbelievable trip planned for themselves. They intended to take a trip from the United Kingdom to Thailand to go on an incredible fishing trip abroad.

Then, tragedy struck

Hopper was diagnosed with a fatal liver cancer just a few months before they were scheduled to depart. On his deathbed, he asked his friends to take his ashes with them and scatter them in Thailand.

But Fairbanks jokingly suggested something more creative

“Boilies” are a type of fish bait that can be made out of paste — typically fishmeal, protein, flour, and other granulated ingredients. Fairbanks suggested that the two friends turn Hopper’s ashes into the bait and go fishing with it.

Hopper thought the suggestion was so hilarious that he insisted that’s exactly what they do.

Flash forward to the trip, and it turns out their bait — affectionately called “Purple Ronnie” — was pretty effective stuff.

The anglers could never have anticipated what their bait would do

The pair intended for their bait to be a unique and touching tribute, not a truly competitive brand of fish food. But nonetheless, “Purple Ronnie” managed to catch a whopping 180lb Siamese carp. The prior record for the largest Siamese carp? A mere 134 lbs.

The pair released the carp back into the lake after taking a few photos, and let it swim away free. One can be sure that Hopper was looking down on them, watching them commemorate his spirit with his favorite activity.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved