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Friends Of A Deaf-Blind Man Help Him “Watch” The World Cup For The First Time Ever

Have you been watching the FIFA World Cup 2018? If you haven’t been following the soccer spectacle, where have you been? For one man, it took a little bit of help from his friends in order for him to “see” the games. But this is one story that proves nothing is impossible after all.

Two Senses Gone

Carlos Alberto Santana was born deaf, but he also began losing his eyesight when he turned 14. He was later diagnosed with Usher syndrome, a medical disorder that affects one’s sight and hearing abilities. 13 years later, all Carlos wanted to do was root for his Brazilian team at the FIFA World Cup. But would it be possible?

Helio Surdos via YouTube

A Little Help From His Friends

Carlos’s disabilities have never kept him from new life experiences, and this includes watching the FIFA World Cup. Carlos wanted to cheer for his native Brazilian team but being deaf and blind seemed to create an obstacle. That was when his friend Hélio Fonseca de Araújo entered the picture. He and some other friends created a unique system for their friend to watch the soccer matches.

Helio Surdos via YouTube

Playing Along With His Favorite Team

Hélio, along with his friends, constructed a miniature soccer field. Carlos would touch the field and his friends would move his hands according to what’s happening on the television screen. By doing this, Carlos was finally able to “see” the game as it’s being played in real time. Nothing is truly impossible!

Helio Surdos via YouTube

Being As Precise As Possible

Hélio wasn’t going to settle for imperfection. His best friend deserved the best experience possible! With this in mind, he researched soccer fields and determined the exact measurements to begin constructing his replica to scale. Then he made the necessary modifications to create a miniature version. Was Carlos appreciative? You bet!

Helio Surdos via YouTube

Cheering For His Favorite Team

Carlos is passionate about soccer; he was more than excited to be able to “see” the soccer matches during the FIFA World Cup. He knew how much work was involved in constructing the replica, and was very appreciative of how much his friends care about him. The group has decided that this will be a tradition for every FIFA World Cup!

Helio Surdos via YouTube

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