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The Adorable Friendship Between This French Bulldog And A Monarch Butterfly Has The Internet’s Heart Aflutter

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Some of the most precious connections in nature are between animals of different species. From the friendship of tortoise Owen and hippo Mzee to this puppy who adopted a group of chicklets, animals seem to have the incredible ability to form friendships with every sort of creature under the sun. The latest pup to make waves on the internet is Mochi the French bulldog who befriended a sweet butterfly who wandered into her California backyard. Their precious connection was posted on @dog_rates and caught the hearts of over 200,000 people on the Internet, who marveled over the sweet way that Mochi handled the monarch.

The Sweetness Of Mochi

Even before her engagement with the butterfly, most people could agree that Mochi was pretty darn precious. The sweet pup’s Instagram,, showed that she loved people, was a fabulous snuggler and seemed to be eager to adventure. She lived in California with her owner, Rylee Boland, and often went outside to soak up the sun. During the summer of 2019, Mochi took off running through their backyard as usual…and stumbled across a small friend on the back wall of their backyard. The high-energy pup went scrambling towards the creature, thrilled to see what they were. Boland soon discovered that Mochi had come across a monarch butterfly looking for a place to land, rest, and sunbathe. While some pet owners may have pulled their pups away with the fear that their dog might eat the butterfly, Boland had no fear that Mochi would injure them. She was certain that Mochi could hold back her boisterous energy to be gentle with the stunning creature.

Mochi’s Precious Encounter With A Monarch

When the monarch landed in their backyard, Mochi was more than excited to greet them. Monarchs don’t tend to call California their permanent home, but they migrate to and through the Southern part of the state, where Mochi and Boland lived. Mochi had likely never seen one of the colorful creatures before. Although she was quick to lumber over to the delicate insect, she didn’t try to swat or bite it as other pups might. The sweet canine seemed to be completely aware that the butterfly was more fragile than bigger animals, and she respectfully marveled over the little guy for several, patient minutes, never once making an aggressive move towards them. She followed the butterfly’s journey from their red-brick fence to a nearby bush to the grass, sniffing and observing the small creature. Despite her excitement, she managed not to crush the butterfly or suck the little guy up through her excited breathing. Her owner contributed her gentle behavior to her everyday kind-hearted personality.

The Two Creatures’ Uplifting Interaction

Her owner adored watching her play with the bright-orange butterfly. She wasn’t surprised that Mochi was so gentle with the insect. Considering Mochi’s generally precious personality, it didn’t come as a shock that she was so well-behaved. “She was so sweet and did not want to hurt it,” she shared. The butterfly seemed to understand that Mochi was curious instead of malicious, and despite their differences in size, the insect didn’t try to take flight. In fact, she hung around as Mochi sniffed and observed her for nearly fifteen minutes, giving a goodbye to Boland’s hand on the way out. Mochi’s visit with the butterfly went swimmingly, and fortunately for us, Boland snapped plenty of adorable pictures of Mochi’s once-in-a-lifetime interaction. She posted them to Instagram and shared them with the viral account @dog_rates on Twitter, gaining plenty of praise and appreciation for how her adorable dog behaved around the butterfly. So, if you needed another reason why dogs are better than people, this story (and these photos) ought to do the trick.

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